‘Toy Story’ Saved, Franchise Abandons Controversial Change, Report Says

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Woody (L) and Buzz (R) sat down looking at each other with other toys in the background

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Toy Story might finally make their next movie worth watching after new plot details surface.

From L-R: Jessie, Woody, Bullseye, and Buzz in 'Toy Story 2'
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Not every Pixar franchise is iconic, but Toy Story fascinated millions with a unique theme. What if your kid’s toys had their own story to tell? Since the franchise made a few movies every couple of years, the main child, Andy, eventually grew up. Fans thought Andy’s age would be the final say in what stories fans would see with Woody (Tom Hanks) and Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen).

After telling stories with Woody meeting other toys like Jesse and Buzz’s nemesis, Emperor Zurg, the franchise has moved on to tell more wacky stories, but the movies never fail to capture kids’ imagination. Sadly, the film are not the same without Andy, and having the story not be centered around him makes fans wonder why Toy Story 5 is even happening.

Woody, Toy Story 3
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Earlier this year, Bob Iger confirmed that the movie was greenlit and actively developing, but what story can the franchise tell? Apparently, OneTakeNews reports that Andy’s family will play a pivotal role in the movie, and instead of focusing on Bonnie, their new owner, the toys will apparently get another story with Andy after all. Last we checked, he was going to college and leaving his home behind, but Andy might now be a parent in Toy Story 5, and that’s where the story starts:

Andy will reportedly return in ‘TOY STORY 5’. His new family will be integral to the plot.

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It would be sweet to see Andy get back his toys in a garage sale, save Woody and Buzz from a nightmarish preschool, and join some new toys with Andy’s kid. If this does happen, it would be a fun premise, but the franchise and story must end at one point because there are only so many stories Pixar can tell before fans are just done.

Hopefully, Pixar has the right idea about what to do with the iconic characters because it’s a movie that hinges on success. Recently, most final chapters to iconic franchises have done terribly at the box office, and it would be a shame if Toy Story joins the trend and tells a story fans don’t care for.

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