Tom Holland’s Canceled ‘Spider-Verse 2’ Cameo Revealed

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Tom Holland as Spider-Man, Across the Spider-Verse background edit

Credit: Sony, Marvel Studios

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse took the fantastic style and story of the first film and capitalized on it with the sequel. What makes the sequel even more ambitious is how it involved many iterations of Spider-Man, including making mention of the MCU. While Tom Holland was only slightly mentioned, he was also meant to appear in the film, with his cameo now being revealed.

Credit: Marvel Studios

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The Spider-Verse films are exactly what their name implies, as they cover the Multiverse, but one that deals specifically with Spider-People. During the second film, Miles Morales mistakenly enters the hub where all timeline versions of the superhero converge. While there, the film banks on showcasing over 200 iterations.

Some of the most inventive iterations shown in the film are Spider-Rex, Spider-Cat, and the ever-popular Spider-Punk. Though the Spider Society is a hub where all the different Spider-Man versions can meet, the society also comes with a horrific truth. They exist on a timeline that cannot be broken, wrapped in tragedy.

Spider-Man must witness his father’s death to keep the timeline on track. Miles learns of this horrific truth and sets off to save his father. Spider-Man 2099 cannot allow this to happen and goes after Miles. During the chase scene, when Miles attempts to run from the multitude of Spider-People, he runs into many different versions of Spider-Man.

New concept art shows when Miles was supposed to run into the Tom Holland version of Spider-Man, which looks different from what was established in the MCU.

Tom Holland ‘Across the Spider-Verse’ Cameo Revealed

across the spider-verse tom holland
Credit: Sony Pictures

While everyone likely expected to see Tom Holland in his normal size and shape, the Across the Spider-Verse team planned on making his Spider Society version the Chibi style. Holland’s character version can be seen on the right, standing next to Miles Morales.

Chibi is a specific type of caricature art in Japan, where characters are deformed to look like shorter or sillier versions. That is happening with the above image, as Tom Holland is meant to look like a shrunken version of his character. The color combination of red and black indicates that the character is in the upgraded suit he wears in Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019).

Chibi is an odd choice to make when showcasing how Holland appears in the Spider Society hub, but that could be how he is projected in animation.

The one thing that we are unsure of is if the cameo would have provided him with a voice. Though the MCU was mentioned, as stated, we did not hear the voice of Holland at that point.

The same can be said for Spider-Man from the PlayStation 4 video game that was shown, though he only existed as a quick cameo when Miles is taking a tour of the Spider Society hub. That version of Spider-Man was referred to as “another video game guy.” Yuri Lowenthal did get a line of dialogue as he says, “Are you talking to me?”

Considering the above image showcases a chibi version of Spider-Man from the MCU, we don’t think it would have held any other significance. However, Tom Holland might have said one line of dialogue like Lowenthal, which would have added an additional layer of fan service to the film.

mj (left) and spider-man (right) in no way home opening sequence
Credit: Sony Pictures/Marvel Studios

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Sadly, Holland was not part of the many Spider-People that appeared, possibly due to his year off from acting. The Spider-Verse team will work on the third film once the industry strikes conclude, which could be even more ambitious than its predecessors. We hope it leads to Miles Morales finally existing in live-action, but at least we can expect to see Tom Holland appear in the trilogy’s final film.

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