The Late Kevin Conroy’s Batman Replacement May Have Already Been Found

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The DC world was shocked when Kevin Conroy passed away in November 2022. Conroy had been the iconic voice of Batman for over 30 years, spanning animated movies, shows, and video games. Though it will be hard to replace him, DC may have already found the new voice of the Dark Knight.

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Many actors have stepped behind the cape and cowl, with Jensen Ackles being one of the newest to voice the hero in animated films like The Long Halloween, Legion of Super Heroes, and Justice League: Warworld. Though he has done an excellent job, there needs to be someone more available than Ackles possibly can be.

The reason that Conroy was unique is that he lived and breathed Batman. No matter what the role was, Conroy was generally the first person called to deliver a cold and calculated hero. His voice became synonymous with Batman in the same way that Mark Hamill was for The Joker. His tragic passing left the door open for someone else to step in, and though Ackles has been great, he might not be the right person for the job.

Strangely, DC has already used another celebrated actor to voice the Dark Knight in animated shows.

Diedrich Bater Could Replace Kevin Conroy as Batman

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Diedrich Bater is a well-respected actor who has appeared in various movies, shows, and animated ventures. Though he is most known for supporting comedic roles in films like Office Space (1999), Balls of Fury (2007), and Napolean Dynamite (2004), his penchant for not being a traditional leading man has led to him being able to showcase his acting prowess through a wide array of characters.

Bader has also been voicing Batman in The Brave and the Bold and appearing as the Caped Crusader in the hit series Harley Quinn. Again, his delivery might be more on the comedic side of things, but his non-traditional side might be precisely what the role of Batman needs in the animated space.

Bader’s performance in the episode of The Brave and the Bold called “Chill of the Night” perfectly represents how he can capture that same type of emotional depth and broodiness that Conroy was always celebrated for. In that episode, Batman faces Joe Chill, the man who murdered his parents.

The moment when Bruce Wayne meets face to face with Chill, and reveals how Chill ruined his life, is arguably one of the most emotional scenes in any Batman property. Wayne must decide to let justice prevail or break his one rule and kill Chill for murdering his parents. Bader is incredible in this moment, showcasing how he could carry the lead role in an animated role.

Interestingly, J.J. Abrams, Matt Reeves, and Bruce Timm are set to release their new Batman series that will follow a far more adult take on the hero. Their Batman: Caped Crusader series will officially air on Amazon and is said to follow a darker version of the classic animated series that Timm initially worked on.

Timm created the classic Batman: The Animated Series, which is already dark, though it was not allowed to push any boundaries being aired on a kid’s network. With Amazon picking up the new series, Timm can now accomplish what he set out to do with the original animated series. Little is known about the show, especially who will be voicing the Dark Knight.

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Considering Timm worked with Kevin Conroy through many animated ventures, he will likely not pick just anyone. He could have seen Bader’s performance in episodes like “Chill of the Night” and cast him as Batman. Then again, Timm might also be going with someone else. Either way, Bader should be allowed to audition for the role.

The trailer for the Amazon series should theoretically come out, and we hope to hear Diedrich Bader as the new iconic voice of Batman.

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