Oscar Isaac No Longer Needed, Marvel Announces ‘Moon Knight’ Reboot

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Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector/Steven Grant/Jake Lockley in Moon Knight

Credit: Marvel Studios

Marvel’s Oscar Isaac might not have a role in the MCU anymore after Marvel announced one new series replacing the legendary Moon Knight.

Oscar Isaac as Steven Grant (left) and Marc Spector (right)
Credit: Marvel Studios

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It wasn’t long ago when Oscar Isaac graced the screen as Marc Spector/Moon Knight. As one of the few super heroes with Dissociative Identity Disorder, Isaac had to play not just one character but three of them all at once. Isaac is also Steven Grant and Jake Lockley and deals with Khonshu, the God of the moon, regarding his supernatural powers.

The Disney+ series showed off how unique Moon Knight is, and he really isn’t your typical super hero. Since he is sharing his life with three people, that leads to some chaotic moments. While Oscar Isaac is trying to figure out his powers, Ethan Hawke’s Arthur Harrow is the villain of the series working for another god, Ammit. The two show off some of the gods in the MCU, leading to some crazy battles that eventually lead to Khonshu being victorious, with Marc and Steven believing that Khonshu will leave them alone, but Jake Lockley has other ideas.

Ethan Hawke as Arthur Harrow
Credit: Marvel Studios

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While Moon Knight Season 1 was something fans enjoyed, the super hero has no real place in the MCU. Having a stand-alone story allowed Moon Knight to focus on his origin story, but Marvel’s release schedule has no official plans to bring the super hero back anytime soon. Unfortunately, Marvel Comics has added a new curveball, which could be very concerning for Oscar Isaac. In Marvel comics, Marc Spector is dead. Moon Knight isn’t being played by the same character anymore. DiscussingFilm shares how Marvel just announced a new series for the Moon Knight line with Spector’s replacement as the super hero:

 Marvel Comics announces ‘VENGEANCE OF THE MOON KNIGHT’, a series from writer Jed MacKay & artist Alessandro Cappuccio which will continue the creative team’s 30-issue run on the character. The book will see a new Moon Knight lead the story following Marc Spector’s death.

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This wasn’t something that fans expected because Marvel has never killed off Moon Knight and replaced the hero. It’s not something that happens often, and with Marvel having no plans for the supernatural hero for the next couple of years, it’s possible that Moon Knight might not return with even Oscar Isaac because Marvel Studios might not be able to work with Oscar Isaac since the actor is always busy.

Fans would love to see Oscar Isaac keep his role in the MCU, but if Moon Knight ends up getting replaced, it will make sense because Isaac’s schedule might not work with Marvel Studios to get a second season, but even that won’t happen for years due to the Multiverse Saga not needing supernatural super heroes anytime soon.

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