More Groups Rally Against Disney, Intend To Cease All Operations

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Since May 2, 2023, the strikes in Hollywood have brought multiple motion-picture productions to a grinding halt, and negotiations for the writers, actors, and personnel involved continue with no end in sight. As multiple VFX teams join in the cause, even the wonderful world of Disney might be brought to its knees.

Disney, Warner Bros, Netflix, Universal, to Shut Down Film and Television Production Effective Immediately
Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

In a major power play, visual artists from VFX  at Walt Disney Pictures moved to unionize along with the effects artists at Marvel Studios. While this might sound like just another step on the road to better working conditions for Hollywood creatives, this is perhaps one of the biggest blows to the house of mouse.

Disney Can’t Proceed without VFX

Bob Iger in front of the Disney+ library on fire
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At the time of writing, multiple Disney productions have been delayed or put on hold thanks in part to the Hollywood strikes. Although the framework of a successful movie doesn’t exist without a script or actors to perform it, audiences won’t be engaged without the wizardry of VFX that makes the film pop off the screen.

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As many films and projects keep getting bigger and bigger regarding stories, themes, and visuals, a blockbuster movie is practically non-existent without a highly trained team of artists, animators, and digital dynamos at the helm. Both Disney and audiences are going to feel the sting.

The Guardians stare ahead
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Imagine something like the recently released Haunted Mansion or Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 without the incredible visual effects that make the ghosts haunt the manor or the Guardians save the day. It’s hard to appeal to a dedicated fanbase with just a green screen and spandex suit.

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Thus far, Disney and other studios like it have lost the support of its actors, writers, effects artists, and an understandably large chunk of its fans and supporters. How long will it be before the animators, marketing, and theme park overseers follow in their wake?

Bob Iger in front of the Disney logo
Credit: Disney

Without VFX, actors, writers, and so on, Disney could be brought to a grinding halt. With no creative teams able to make the film happen, audiences could see 2024 with little activity from the Disney studios.

As far as the future of Disney films is concerned, The Direct said it best.

“The scary truth about these Hollywood strikes is no one knows when either will end. This could go on for several months, which is a clear concern for the studios releasing films this year.”

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Disney has released at least one film a year since Michael Eisner’s administration, and the idea of a movie industry without their presence is borderline unheard of. Hopefully, the corporate powers will finally come to their senses and reach amiable terms with their actors, writers, and artists.

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