Heated Debate Ensues Between Disney, Universal Adults

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Disney World VERSUS Universal Studios Orlando

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We all know how society looks at Disney  World Adults. But Universal Adults exist as well. A recent discussion online led to some formal yet firm change between the two. Is there a clear winner?

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Disney World, Universal, and Reddit – The Place Where News, Stories, and More Is Shared

Whether you love or hate it, Reddit is the place for folks like yourself to research the latest trends, films, discussions, and news stories. In the current online environment, platforms like Reddit lead, crafting a virtual space where countless stories emerge.

We’ve explored a variety of happenings in well-known spots like Disney World, Disneyland, and Universal Orlando Resort. These stories have brought to light some truly remarkable and unsettling encounters that astonished visitors.

A Disney employee, often called a Cast Member, disagreed with a Universal Team Member at Universal Orlando Resort. However, amidst these personal anecdotes, one story stands out: a mother visiting Disney who shared a heart-pounding moment when her children disappeared after a mesmerizing fireworks display at the Magic Kingdom.

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Disney vs. Universal – The Debate Finds Logic, Common Grounds

Besides these stories, you hear even worse stories from guests’ perspectives at the parks, seeing the Disney Adults or Universal Adults in action. The internet has already battered the idea and notion of a Disney Adult. That’s someone obviously in love with Disney so much that they would do anything to head down to Orlando or Anaheim to visit their favorite places.

Although most Disney Adults are quiet, polite, and private, a more significant majority of them can be a bit overboard with their relationship with Mickey. In terms of Universal Adults, you hear of thrill-seekers and HHN worshippers who adore the Halloween event so much they will seek out any news they can start in May or even earlier. But Universal Adults, like Disney Adults, can also be relaxed, private, and off-radar.

These adult groups are so active online that word has gotten out of Disney Adults refusing to visit Universal Park and Universal Adults refusing to visit Disney World or Disneyland.

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In a recent subreddit thread, u/UniversalOrlando, a Universal Adult asked the following:

Something I’ve noticed from scrolling social media is that Disney adults thinks it’s an absolute sin to go to universal where universal adults don’t care if people also go to Disney because they know how to enjoy themselves. While Disney adults seem to have a stick up their ass if anyone dares mention some rides at universal are better than some at Disney.

Although harsh words were exchanged, the debate turned for the good. Users began to comment on how they hold passes to both Resorts and often frequent both places despite a Disney vs. Universal stigma between die-hard adults.

It goes both ways. Plenty of Universal people refuse to go to Disney because they think it’s below them based on the lack of high thrill rides. You see the same on the Disney side about Universal. It’s not as black and white as you make it out to be. People like what they like and no one should shame others for their preferences

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Some comments were geared towards the cost differences between both Resorts, with Universal being the apparent choice for cheaper options.

My rationale for Universal isn’t even that developed– it’s just cheaper. Stay at Royal Pacific for a couple nights for three days of Express Pass. You can see pretty much everything… maybe even multiple times. To do that at Disney would take a week and cost as much as a car because of how sprawled out it is and how draconian FastPass has become.

Still, the outcome of this thread speaks volumes to the individuals who feel that there is a stigma behind either Adult group. The reality is that you have good and bad from both sides. Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Orlando Resort offer guests a unique experience for anyone and everyone to enjoy, no matter how big of an enthusiast you are.

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