Disney Essentially Strikes Deal WIth Elon Musk With ‘Snow White’ Movie

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Rachel Zegler on a still of Snow White looking shocked

Credit: Inside the Magic

The Walt Disney Company has its hands full with its new live-action version of Snow White.

Disney made history when it released Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) under the direction of Walt Disney. Nearly 90 years later, the film stands as a timeless classic in the world of animation, marking Disney’s pioneering venture into feature-length animated films. This enchanting tale, based on the Brothers Grimm fairy tale, introduces audiences to the sweet and innocent Snow White, whose beauty arouses the jealousy of her wicked stepmother, the Queen.

Snow White dancing with the seven dwarfs
Credit: Disney

The film’s groundbreaking animation, memorable musical numbers, and unforgettable characters have etched it into the annals of cinematic history, making it a beloved classic cherished by generations.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs marked a pivotal moment in animation history, not only for its technical achievements but also for its impact on storytelling. This iconic film set a high standard for future Disney animated features, pioneering the use of cel animation and introducing the world to the magic of full-length animated movies.

Now, Disney is undertaking another monumental project, and it isn’t going as well as the original. Disney announced several years ago that it would be making a live-action version of the fairytale, but there would be many changes. Rachel Zegler was cast as Snow White, and Gal Gadot was cast as the Evil Queen, but other than those two roles, fans won’t even know that this is a retelling of the timeless classic.

Rachel Zegler wearing Minnie ears at Disneyland
Credit: Rachel Zegler via Twitter

Zegler shared in comments earlier this year that “it’s not 1937 anymore” and that Snow White would not be in any way the same as fans saw it in the animated film.

“The original cartoon came out in 1937 and very evidently so. There’s a big focus on her love story with the guy who literally stalks her. Weird, weird,” she said. “So we didn’t do that this time.”

There would be no love story told between the two and that Andrew Burnap, who is playing the role of Jonathan since there is no prince, could see all of his scenes cut if Disney deemed necessary.

“We have a different approach to what I’m sure a lot of people will assume is a love story just because we casted a guy in the movie,’ Zegler responded. “It’s one of those thing that I think everyone’s going to have their assumptions about what it’s actually going to be, but it’s really not about the love story at all, which is really, really wonderful.”

Rachel Zegler looking worried near the poison apple from Snow White while wearing a little green men hat from TOy Story
Credit: Rachel Zegler Twitter

Now, amid the backlash from a legion of fans, Disney faces an uphill battle to get the movie to break even. The company will need the movie to gross more than $340 million— a number that could rise as the film gets closer to its theatrical release– just to break even. While that’s certainly not unattainable, the amount of backlash that has already occurred with the movie still months away from a debut and a trailer not even released speaks volumes about the battle that Disney faces.

With all this in mind, it’s clear that Disney is taking every little portion of this film and its secrecy very seriously. Earlier this week, the dolls from the new Snow White film were leaked to social media. Elon Musk’s Twitter (now called X) was the home for the leaks, which saw hundreds of users share photos of the new dolls, inspired by Rachel Zegler (Snow White) and Gal Gadot (Evil Queen).

Disney is very serious about any aspect of its work being leaked before it is ready for release. As a result, the company and its partners allegedly worked to not just get the images– or any leak that would reveal the film– taken down but banned from Musk’s platform altogether.

Rachel Zegler dressed as Snow White
Credit: Edited by Inside the Magic

While there are still some users who have the pictures up, hundreds of other users on the social media platform have been hit with warnings, including some who even saw their accounts locked as a result of sharing the leaked images.

Others have seen the images removed from their post, with a message that reads “Media not displayed. Image has been removed in response report from the copyright holder.”

Keep in mind that this complaint would come from either Disney or Mattel, who designed and owns the doll. However, it’s clear that the doll that was leaked likely gives away the dress and the look of the new Snow White, which is why Disney was so quick to ensure that it was banned from being shared all over social media.

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