Disney Announces Major Change to Board With New Legal Counsel

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Amid streaming wars and political backlash, Disney gets new counsel for parks, experience, and products.

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Disney Gets New Counsel for Specialized Role

According to reports, effective September 15, 2023, Louise Pentland will officially become the Chief Counsel for Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products. It’s a specific segment of the Walt Disney Company with high-profit potential.

The general counsel reports to Horacio Gutierrez, Senior Executive VP and the company’s Chief Compliance Officer. Louise Pentland, before taking her seat at the Walt Disney World table, served companies like PayPal, acting as Chief Business Affairs and Legal Officer.

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The experience gave Pentland insight into all United States, Europe, and Asia-based regulations. This change came as Bob Iger rehired Bob Chapek and other executives. It shows action on the part of Disney.

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Implications of Disney’s New General Counsel

While the executives don’t act alone, still answering to the shareholders, this puts Louise Pentland in a unique position. Mr. Gutierrez speaks highly of Pentland as an accomplished executive in a complex environment.

Much of the focus is on Walt Disney Company direct-to-consumer products. It’s a critical part of Walt Disney World’s income stream, yet it fell out of focus with the Florida Gov Ron DeSantis debacle. Yet merch remains one of the core offerings of Walt Disney World.

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Disney’s Corporate Counsel Speaks Up

Louise Pentland, an expert in legal affairs and experienced in many a district court, says, “This is an exciting time to join The Walt Disney Company (…).” She admires Disney Parks’ reputation as a global leader and looks forward to “helping advance” the ambitious future goals.

Disney Parks are a core part of the guest experience, and coupling that with merchandise and memorabilia licensing makes it an international phenomenon. The general counsel represents the core Disney lawsuits, yet any new board member has an influential role as an executive.

Curating a powerful experience at Animal Kingdom and other Disney Parks and translating that into saleable goods can skyrocket the Walt Disney World value and potential.

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