As Movies and TV Fail, Disney+ Has The Last Laugh

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To say Disney has been at the center of a pop-cultural hurricane would be an understatement. As both the strikes in Hollywood and ongoing disputes in the streaming wars continue to boil over, the house of mouse continues to struggle to stay afloat.

Disney, Warner Bros, Netflix, Universal, to Shut Down Film and Television Production Effective Immediately
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Although the magical streaming service has taken a massive blow in subscribers, the magical streaming service may yet rise again. Not because they are engaging in new practices or prices, but because fans and consumers will have no other choice.

Disney+ Will Win Streaming Wars… By Force

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The past few weeks have not boded well for the Walt Disney Company, especially when it comes to their movies and TV shows. As multiple departments unionize and threaten to bring the studio to its knees and contract disputes with Spectrum pull ABC, ESPN, and the Disney Channel off the air, it’s a wonder that Disney remains intact.

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With all the controversy surrounding the brand, many fans are pulling their support. The phrase “go woke, go broke” has been plaguing the studio since about 2020, and things have not gotten better.

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In spite of a multimillion subscriber drop, a partnership with Hulu has helped the company stay on top of the game. However, after the recent reports regarding the discord between Spectrum and Disney, something shady is definitely afoot.

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Disney recently pulled the plug on multiple networks, many of which whose programming can be found on Disney+, Hulu, or both. While no official announcement has been made, it might be the company’s way of forcing consumers to give into buying Disney+.

(L-R) Disney Characters: Mabel, Moana, Elsa and Belle, Disney Brand Image with logo in the middle; Discover which Disney+ Character represents your theme park personality
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Granted, this sounds like a huge tin-foil-hat worthy conspiracy, but consider the recent developments the studio has had in the entertainment field. As the strikes in Hollywood bring the studio’s movies to a grinding halt and those still clinging onto cable can’t access networks like ESPN, ABC, and so on, what alternative will consumers have?

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Not all streaming services are created equal, and sometimes it’s indeed a battle of quanity over quality and vice versa. The company already has their Mickey mitts wrapped around several enormous networks and franchises, and viewers might soon have no other choice but to just smile and hit subscribe.

Does this sound like a massive conspiracy? Tell Inside the Magic what you think in the comments below!

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