News Outlets Mistake Universal Attraction Footage for Real Earthquake Video

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left: a photo of the front entrance to Universal Studios Hollywood right: a photo taken from a video of Earthquake: The Big One attraction

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News outlets have reportedly been seeking a particular video from a Universal Studios Hollywood attraction because they believe it to be accurate, and from the latest Earthquake that struck California during Tropical Storm Hilary.

A computer rendition of Hurricane Hilary's impact on the West Coast area of the United States, including Disneyland Resort
Credit: Jim Cantore on Twitter

Disneyland, Universal Hollywood Hit With Tropical Storm Hilary Just Days Ago

On Sunday, Tropical Storm Hilary landed in southern California, leading to flooding, heavy rain, and powerful winds. The storm impacted Disneyland Resort and Universal Hollywood as Disneyland closed early and released an official statement. At the same time, Universal Hollywood remained open during the storm but also sent out an official message telling guests that they would remain open.

As mentioned above, Disneyland did close down early ahead of the storm, with an official statement letting guests know that the parks would close down two hours early to keep guests safe during the storm. TikTok videos have been released indicating that evacuations were sent out during the day and times that the parks were open, but no reports of injuries or malice have taken place at either Resorts.

During the Tropical Storm, an earthquake also struck the area, leading to mass panic and people seeking shelter. The Earthquake’s magnitude was 5.1, which is mildly assertive, leading to stores shutting down, evacuations, and more. Recently, a video resurfaced of an iconic Universal Studios Hollywood attraction led many news outlets to believe the video was real.

Universal Studios Hollywood sign. Image by masbebet christianto from Pixabay
Credit: masbebet christianto from Pixabay

No, the Video Showing a Big Earthquake Is Not From the Actual Earthquake but a Ride at Universal

@Park_Journey on Twitter posted the following video with the caption reading:

According to this account, news outlets were reaching out to this person in hopes of acquiring the video you see above for news articles, videos, and more to update Californians on the 5.1 magnitude earthquake that struck just a few days ago. The footage is from a Universal Studios Hollywood attraction called Earthquake: The Big One.

The attraction is a simulation-type tour ride that takes guests through a movie studio that ends up being destroyed by a powerful earthquake, leading to massive flooding and chaos. The ride has been around since 1989 and is currently closed for refurbishment.

If media outlets were to use the video above for a news article, they’d look pretty foolish, as many people would call them out and let them know they used a fake video to cover an actual situation. Yikes!

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