‘Thunderbolts’ Director Will Break the MCU Formula With New Promise

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Wyatt Russell as John Walker

Credit: Marvel Studios

Jake Schreier is trying to make sure Thunderbolts (2024) won’t disappoint fans who love the anti-heroes and villains joining the team.

Credit: Marvel Studios

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Phase Five of the MCU has been in a rough spot. After Avengers: Endgame (2021), Marvel invested a lot of their projects into introducing new characters, but with so much new content, fans can’t keep up. Clearly, their current model isn’t working, with Disney+ not making any profit and Marvel movies not performing as well as the studio thought it should.

This doesn’t mean that Marvel Studios hasn’t had much success after saying goodbye to several iconic super heroes. Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021) and Tom Hiddelston’s Loki Season 1 were massive hits for the company, but those releases alone can’t save the MCU. One problem at the moment is the quality and execution of Marvel movies being lackluster.

Thunderbolts, Red Guardian and Yelena
Credit: Marvel Studios

Schreier promises to shake things up for Thunderbolts. It’s a huge team comprised of villains and anti-heroes from the MCU that work very similar to DC’s Suicide Squad. While the team typically has Thunderbolt Ross lead it, Harrison Ford’s Ross might not be able to lead due to being the President, leaving someone like Julia Louis Dreyfus’ Val to lead the team. In a recent interview, the director shared how he planned to handle the large group:

Exclusive: #Thunderbolts director Jake Schreier promises a deeper understanding of the former villain and anti-hero characters that make up the team:

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Giving each character enough time to have a deeper story told isn’t typical for the MCU. Usually, Marvel will have teams focus on a few characters and flesh out their story. While the Avengers movies have expanded on specific character’s stories, something like Thunderbolts wants every character to have a deeper story, and the problem is pacing.

If every character gets to have a deeper story, it could be very hard for all of those stories to make it past the cutting room when some scenes have to be cut. It’s very easy for Marvel to promise that fans will learn more about each character, but the other problem is the amount of screen time. Whoever gets the most time is likely the character the studio wants the audience to understand the most, and not every Thunderbolt member can have equal screen time.

john walker with blood on captain america's shield
Credit: Marvel Studios

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It would be awesome if Thunderbolts manages to really expand and tell a deeper story with each character, but it won’t be an easy thing to pull off, and with the MCU’s track record, it’s probably best not to expect it to happen after all.

Thunderbolts will be released in theaters on December 20, 2024.

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