Steven Yeun Teases MCU ‘Thunderbolts’ Role

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Coming on the heels of his successful run on Netflix’s Beef, Academy Award nominee Steven Yeun is sharing new details about his mysterious Marvel role ahead of his franchise debut in 2024’s Thunderbolts.

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It’s been a busy past few years for Steven Yeun, who’s starred in a number of high-profile projects after finding widespread success on AMC’s hit zombie-thriller The Walking Dead. Since wrapping up his time on the show, Yeun has gone on to appear in Amazon’s Invincible, the 2020 Oscar darling Minari, and more recently, Jordan Peele’s experimental horror flick, Nope (2022).

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Now, Yeun is primed and ready to join the MCU in the upcoming Thunderbolts movie, likely as the superhero Sentry—something the actor saw as an opportunity to experience something new.

While story details remain scarce, Thunderbolts will be a part of the MCU’s Phase Five, and promises to bring together Marvel’s darkest group of antiheroes to date. Led by Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, Sebastian Stan will reprise his role as the fan-favorite Bucky Barnes alongside Florence Pugh’s Yelena Belova, who audiences got a glimpse of in the Disney+ Hawkeye miniseries.

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Along with Yeun, another big Hollywood A-lister is set to make his Marvel debut in the film: Harrison Ford, who will take over the role of General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross from the late William Hurt.

While Yeun’s official role has yet to be confirmed, playing the MCU’s take on The Sentry is going to be a massive undertaking for the veteran actor. One of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Comics, Sentry has the “power of one million exploding suns,” and is rumored to the “big bad” of the upcoming film.

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For now, it has yet to be confirmed whether or not he’ll be the main villain the Thunderbolts team up against. But speaking during an actors’ roundtable conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, Yeun finally spilled some new details about his “really interesting” Marvel role, where he compared his Marvel experience to his long run on The Walking Dead.

During the discussion, Yeun noted how director Jake Schreier—who the actor worked with on Beef—”saw [him] for this role,” and made Yeun want to “explore” it further:

It kind of came together in a weird way. Jake Schreier, who did episodes of ‘Beef,’ he got the gig to direct it and he kinda saw me for this role, and I read the role, and I was like ‘This is actually a really interesting role, I’d be down to explore this.’

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Yeun then explained why he was so drawn to the role, saying his decision to join Marvel was less of a “checking things off a bucket list” thing and more of an opportunity to try something new:

I think it’s less about now checking things off a bucket list and more looking at an experience. It’s more like ‘Do I want to experience that?’ Putting it out is a whole nother thing that I’m gonna have to prepare for afterwards, but in the immediate, I’m just down to just experience that experience.

As of now, an official Thunderbolts trailer has yet to be released. But hopefully, as Marvel continues into Phase Five, we’ll receive some updates about the story and Yeun’s mysterious new character soon.

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