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The Walt Disney World Resort hosts several options to be a guest’s home away from home, and hundreds of thousands make the journey each year to stay on Disney property. Unfortunately, they aren’t the only ones swarming to the place where dreams come true.

A Bug's Life
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For those who have never been to Florida, it’s often hot, humid, and a breeding ground for insects. While Disney goes way above and beyond the call of duty to ensure the cleanest and most comfortable accommodations possible, some visitors are still reporting tips for handling pests at the hotels.

Working the Bugs Out of Walt Disney World

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Recent reports from guests have shared an unsettling amount of strange encounters at the Disney World hotels, describing everything from frogs to scorpions to even ghosts lurking around the resorts. However, a recent post on r/WaltDisneyWorld has Guests sharing their methods of combating bedbugs.

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Many guests might have a history of finding vermin in the sheets of chain hotels, but Disney is typically set apart as a standout in the travel industry. That being said, multiple parkgoers are posting how to combat parasites laying claim to their resort rooms.

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u/piscessunsagrising begins the discussion with,

“I’m heading to [All Star] Sports for a weekend trip to WDW. As soon as I get in I keep my backpack far away from the bed and check it by pulling the sheet off of corners and checking for bugs, and I check the sheets and mattress protector for blood… This is how I plan to do it when I get to the resort tomorrow. I just don’t want to bring more than souviners home! I once stayed in the Paradise Pier hotel at the Disneyland resort and my mom got bit by bedbugs (didn’t bring them home thank god) so trying to be cautious)”

It should be clarified that the Paradise Pier mentioned by the user above is in Disneyland and not Disney World, but the question remains. Do the Disney World resorts have the same problem?

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While the post shows no confirmation of the Florida parks suffering the same problem, several fans reply with tips on how to be prepared to combat the creepy crawlies.

caribbean beach resort pirate themed room at disney world
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u/Remote-Past305 writes,

“Bed bugs nest on hard surfaces, so you should be looking at the box springs and/or bed frames, usually in the corners, not the mattresses and sheets. Although, you can sometimes see fecal matter on the mattresses and sheets.”

To which u/rotpotsoup replies,

“As an entomologist, Im going to tell you to absolutely check the mattress. Bedbug love to get in the corners and grooves.”

The same user also goes on to list several CDC recommendations for battling the bugs.

A bedbug on skin
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Additionally, u/MoulinSarah gives an entire investigative ritual on the matter with,

“Oh lord, we have a whole process we do for checking before we bring anything in or sit on anything. We take off sheets, lift mattresses, look around all seams on mattresses and box springs, check box springs, open the fabric on box springs, check night stands, check dressers,check chairs, check as much as we can behind and around headboards, check any bed frames. We look for eggs, all stages of life, blood, poop.”

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While these are all great tips for health and safety during a stay at any hotel or resort, Disney or otherwise, it should be reiterated that the company is thoroughly committed to creating the best experience possible, and that these replies were posted as an ounce of caution and not a literal biohazard warning.
Have you had to deal with bedbugs at Disney? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!

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