New Disney Treasure Map Leaked, Can You Solve It?

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Disney Treasure Map

Credit: Disney / Inside the Magic

Get your magnifying glass ready, the new Disney Treasure map is out, leaving fans guessing as to what comes next.

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Per the official Disney Cruise Line blog, Arthur Quinn teases about the Disney Treasure reveal. The map allows Disney fans and participants to channel their inner pirate and use the treasure map clues to seek out the box.

According to Disney reporter @ScottGustin, “Disney Cruise Line is set to reveal #DisneyTreasure on Wednesday, Aug. 30 at 11 am ET.”

How the Treasure Reveal Works

According to the official site, the Disney Treasure box is an exclusive opportunity for those fans of Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom, and anything related to Captain Hook or Captain Jack Sparrow. It harkens to the time of piracy and lets the Walt Disney Cruise Line advertise its boat.

The idea is that the Disney Treasure Map is designed to appear as a cruise ship, per the images and will introduce Captain Minnie. While only a few select individuals received the Disney Treasure Map pirates adventure package, news shows that it includes the following:

  1. A set of five unique word puzzles. An example is “What animal soaked you sock to hat when we met?”
  2. A letter from each of the answers, such as the third letter from answer two.
  3. Deciphering the answers reveals a special video. Once the video gets decoded, clever pirate-spirited viewers can engage with a special video that releases some of the treasure.

The result is any Walt Disney fan with a penchant for mystery to use the Disney Treasure map leaked online to access the film. Whether at Disney World or viewing the Magic Kingdom from home, this brings Disney Park adventure to the fans.

What do you think about the Disney Treasure guide reveal? Will you play? Make your mark in the comments below. 

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