Controversial Disney World Ride Now Being Neglected

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Figment animatronic at EPCOT

Credit: Disney

Walt Disney World Resort’s contentious Figment ride and adjacent Imagination Pavilion are reportedly in disrepair.

EPCOT’s Figment Ride

Journey Into Imagination with Figment is controversial among the Disney Parks fan community. Walt Disney World Resort historians love the attraction despite its unpopular makeover. But many guests find the dark ride outdated and irritating.

dreamfinder and figment rainbow tunnel original ride EPCOT, resized
Dreamfinder and Figment in a vintage Walt Disney World Resort photo, Credit: Walt Disney Archives

“Figment the playful dragon is your guide on this delightful ride through the sensory labs of Imagination Institute,” the official Walt Disney World ride description reads. “The Institute’s beleaguered chairman Dr. Nigel Channing (played by Eric Idle) sets out to prove how the 5 senses capture the imagination—but he’s upstaged by the mischievous Figment!”

“Prepare for surprises galore as you travel through a series of vivid, whimsical sensory labs. Learn about all 5 senses as Figment turns the lab upside down and causes quite a stink in the Smell Lab. Let your imagination run wild on this marvelous, madcap musical adventure!”

It’s Looked Better…

Amid multiple allegations of maintenance issues on Journey Into Imagination with Figment and rumors of its permanent closure, the attraction’s adjacent Imagination Lab isn’t going unscathed. Reddit user u/Intrepid00 reported thick dust on an electronic system in the interactive area.

Figment at EPCOT
Credit: Disney

“I just want to reach over and remove what is probably more than a decade of dust,” the guest wrote.

I just want to reach over and remove what is probably more than a decade of dust
by u/Intrepid00 in WaltDisneyWorld

Surprisingly, the dirty setup is still functional. It supports an interactive exhibit in which guests wave their arms and watch themselves on screen. The guest commended Walt Disney Imagineers’ sturdy handiwork.

“The fact it has this much dust and still runs is a testament to the build quality,” they wrote.

But other guests were disgusted at the neglect.

“Thats an expensive bit of equipment,” said u/kingdomgirl3333. “They really should be taking better care of it and not take a chance of dust getting inside.”

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