Eddie Munson’s Final Line in ‘Stranger Things’ Was Improvised

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Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn) in 'Stranger Things'

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Stranger Things has captivated the world, and naturally so, as the Duffer Brothers have created something extraordinary. As the show has progressed, fans have fallen in love with the many characters inhabited by Hawkins. One such character is Joseph Quinn’s Eddie Munson, who took over Season 4 completely. It has now been revealed that his most heartbreaking moment was completely improvised.

Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven crying in Stranger Things
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While many characters have come and gone that made a lasting impression in the show, such as Bob (Sean Astin) in Seasons 2 and 3, no one has had quite the impact as Eddie Munson. The heavy metal-toting dungeon master of the Hellfire Club made an impact in the first episode he was shown, and his arc all but decimated fans at the end.

Munson has become so popular that his life is being explored in a tie-in novel that will explore how he came to be in Hawkins and what caused him to befriend Dustin and the rest of the Hellfire Club. We hope that the Duffer Brothers are planning an Eddie Munson story as a spinoff for Stranger Things in the future.

For now, fans can prepare for the prequel novel and take in the fourth season of the series to appreciate Munson’s epic story. While we all know that Munson gives his life for his best friend and the other kids in Hawkins, it has been revealed that his final moment was completely improvised, making the character even more likable.

Joseph Quinn Improvised His Final ‘Stranger Things’ Line

Eddie Munson in Stranger Things
Credit: Netflix

One of the most beautiful aspects of Stranger Things Season 4 is the relationship between Dustin and Eddie Munson. While it may have appeared that Munson was an older kid who was using his age as a way to take advantage of the relationship he was in, he ended up being a completely selfless hero.

The drama and crux of Munson’s life ended in the Upside Down when Munson and Dustin attempted to get Vecna’s bats away from the other kids, trying to stop the villain.

The viral moment saw Munson standing on top of a trailer playing “Master of Puppets” by Metallica, which caused the bats to flood that area. While Dustin was being bombarded in the trailer by the bats, Munson used this as his big heroic moment, making the bats attack him instead.

Eddie Munson’s death was arguably the saddest moment in the series so far. During the final exchange between Dustin and Munson, we also saw how meaningful their relationship was. Munson says, “I love you, man.” Dustin replies with, “I love you, too.”

According to a report, the writers of Stranger Things revealed that Joseph Quinn completely improvised the line. While the line is simplistic, it had a lasting effect that many fans still discuss. Munson could have easily faded away holding Dustin’s hand, but Quinn’s dedication to the character allowed for one of the best improvised moments ever.

It’s reminiscent of Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back. When Princess Leia tells Han she loves him, Harrison Ford improvises the “I know” line. It was the perfect moment for Ford to understand his character and know that is exactly what Han Solo would say.

The same can be said for Joseph Quinn and Eddie Munson. Despite his hard exterior, Munson was always a hero, and we saw that. He gave his life for Dustin and expressed his love with his final line.

We are unsure who in Stranger Things will top this moment, but the fifth and final season will begin production once the industry strikes conclude. We imagine that the Duffer Brothers are planning to make everyone cry again. Star of the series, David Harbour, teased a bit about the show’s ending. From his comments, it sounds like all the fan-favorite characters will be wrapped up—though we don’t know how many will not make it out of Hawkins.

eddie munson playing guitar stranger things
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We can’t wait to see what happens next, and we hope that Stranger Things plans to revisit Eddie Munson’s character.

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