Disney’s Links to Human Trafficking and Sexualization of Minors

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Human trafficking of any kind is one of the vilest types of evil. A company as large as Walt Disney plays a significant role in child welfare. After the company was proven to have violated children’s rights, the masses and media began to connect the company to many human trafficking cases, missing persons issues, and child welfare concerns. DeSantis’ Florida involvement put Disney under yet more scrutiny.

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Disney Cast Members Arrested in Human Trafficking

Recently, law enforcement indicated that a Disney cast member was arrested for child pornography. It also aligns with the release of Sound of Freedom, a piece of cinema about forced labor and sexual exploitation. The idea of these films, whether made by Disney or other studios, is to combat human trafficking. According to the official Disney ethos, child welfare is paramount.

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Human Trafficking Task Force Impacts Disney

It’s already proven that Disney violated the rights of hundreds of thousands of children younger than 13. FTC records prove this occurred and was settled outside of court. This was coupled with a human services issue when a Disney worker was arrested alongside 159 others in a Polk Country human trafficking investigation.

Together, these show a pattern of high-risk issues relating to the commercial sex industry and the sexual exploitation of minors. It appears that the Florida Attorney General, Ashley Moody, is connecting Disney with Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg, tying together spending and trafficking incidences.

Per Fox Business, Zuckerberg was called to testify on, “human trafficking cases and Disney investing big in California while curtailing spending in Florida.” It’s worth noting that the trafficking issue that Homeland Security and other law enforcement agencies tracked occurred in Polk County, Florida.

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Major Publications Accuse Disney of Sexual Exploitation

Among many, USA Today came down on the nature of labor trafficking, sex trafficking, and migrant smuggling in the entertainment industry. It focused first on Balenciaga, a fashion house that featured young children in “sadomasochistic trappings.” The piece then turned on entertainment giants for its damage to children and mental health.

The piece notes that trafficking victims are portrayed in media as a “distant problem” but aims to emphasize that missing person cases are often close to home. And Breger, the author of the piece, isn’t alone. In fact, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has spoken out openly about the belief that Disney “sexualizes children.”

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Media Agreeing With DeSantis

While the “woke” concept changed the side of the dice in focus, it ties to parental rights and the ability to prevent child abuse. Ultimately, the goal is to eliminate slavery, and coercion, and save child victims (ideally before the issue occurs). Until then, understanding the nature of hyper-sexualization and its contribution to the demand for human smuggling is a critical step forward.

Knowledge is power, and complacency is the enemy. “If you see something, say something.” There is a national human trafficking hotline to help combat human trafficking and offer victim services.

Are you familiar with the Trafficking Victims Protection Act through the United Nations? Share your insight in the comments below.

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