Disneyland-Like Park Survives Brutal Wildfires

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Cow jumping moon, massive treehouse, gnome in tree, all features at the Enchanted Forest

Credit: Enchanted Forest

Despite the ongoing wildfires on the West Coast, the Enchanted Forest adventure park remains unaffected and open for visitors seeking out the life-size dungeon, magic mirror, and Evil Queen.

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Credit: Disney

Wildfires Impacting Theme Parks

Because nature is subject to wildfire, smoke, drought, and flood, it’s hard to plan in advance. Fire doesn’t wait for the weekends. It caused disruptions in Disneyland magic and made it challenging for a person to plan out a proper trip.

The issue is that, without warning, nature can shut down an event or attraction. Disney’s seen it. Universal Studios has seen it. Currently, there is a wildfire warning on the west coast. Yet according to the Enchanted Forest, the smoke and fires are leaving them unaffected and open seven days a week.

Map of the Enchanted Forest
Credit: Enchanted Forest

Enchanted Forest Remains Open Throughout

The Enchanted Forest lies in British Columbia, in the same mountains as referenced in the Disney show Gravity Falls. It caters to kids and adult guests alike, curating an authentically magical experience.

Despite the raging fires, the theme park appears to keep its magic, with fewer events and more of a focus on the course through the park. The Enchanted Forest is a special theme park, particularly thanks to its:

  • Featuring 350  handcrafted fairy tale figurines.
  • Hosting the province’s tallest, grandest treehouse.
  • Having a real-life dungeon and castle for exploring (watch out for the Evil Queen).
  • Including a “twin” attraction called SkyTrek Adventure Park, just 20 miles to the west.

According to the official story, Doris Needham was an artist during the 1950s who made fairy tale figurines by hand. She sought out a place to do her work in an isolated forest between Sicamous and Revelstoke, a nook in British Columbia, Canada.

That turned into a retirement project, which her husband lovingly named their “Enchanted Forest.” It continues to welcome domestic and international guests, long into its 63rd year in business.

Have you ever had the chance to stumble into a magical forest or nature adventure? Share in the comments below!

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