Benevolent Conversation Ends in Free Fast Passes at Disney World

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Magic Kingdom New Years Eve

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Not every day you converse with a Disney World cast member. It’s even rare that said conversation leads to free, fast passes.

Fireworks during the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party event at Disney's Magic Kingdom park
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Reddit – A Place to Share Your Disney World Story and More

With platforms like Reddit leading the way, the online world provides an open space where countless stories unfold. We’ve deeply explored incidents from well-known places like Disney World, Disneyland, and Universal Orlando Resort. These stories have revealed some truly remarkable and unsettling moments, impacting visitors unexpectedly.

There’s a story floating around about a so-called Disney Cast Member getting into a heated dispute with a Universal Team Member right there at Universal Orlando Resort. Among all these personal accounts, one story grabs your attention: a Disney Guest sharing the heart-pounding experience of her kids going missing after a spellbinding fireworks display at Magic Kingdom.

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Imagine Reddit as this incredible treasure chest filled with real stories and personal experiences from people who’ve lived them. It’s like this buzzing online hangout where die-hard Disney fans come together to swap their amazing adventures and captivating tales. And you know what? In unique corners like r/Disney and r/WaltDisneyWorld, enthusiasts from all walks of Disney life – the old pros and the fresh-faced first-timers – mingle and share their love for the magic.

One such story involves a mother who initiated a conversation with a Disney cast member, resulting in free express passes! A truly magical moment for everyone to enjoy and love.

Disney Enchantment fireworks at Disney World Resort
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A Parent Strikes up Delightful Conversation With Disney Cast Member, Ends in Free Fast Passes

On the r/WaltDisneyWorld subreddit page, a parent shares their story of when she got free fast passes:

When I was there in 2017 with my family, my daughter wanted to stay and watch one of the parades but my son (still in a stroller) needed to be walked around until he fell asleep. I left my wife and daughter near the castle to watch and I wandered the park. Finally planted down in Frontierland, under a canopy and tried to watch. Started chatting with a cast member who was standing nearby. Asking her all kids of questions about the job and if she likes it. When the parade was over, she gave me an entire stack of fast passes. We only had about two days left so no way we could use them all, so we gave them to a family with small kids we saw coming into Magic Kingdom when we were leaving.

Despite being unable to use all of the passes, the individual continued sharing the magic by giving the remaining fast passes to a family with small children at the final of their trip. It’s moments like these that leave you wondering how far a kind gesture can go if you treat everyone fairly and equally.

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