Disney Guests Could Be Exposed to Brain-Eating Bacteria, Tetanus if Unruly Trend Continues

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Brain-eating amoeba and tetanus could be contracted inside of Walt Disney World Resort - inside of the it's a small world Magic Kingdom attraction

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Disney World Guests are always safe when visiting the most magical place on Earth. But some Guests could be or are already likely exposed to a brain-eating ameba or tetanus following this particular type of behavior seen plenty of times before.

Cast Members waiting in line with their Guests to enter the new Moana-inspired experience inside of EPCOT
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Disney World – Everything Going on That You Need to Know

Disney World Resort has been busy over the last few months. If you haven’t been keeping up with the news coming out of WDW, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Inspired by Moana, the new Journey of Water opened to Cast Member previews, as seen in the photo above. The self-guided tour at the attraction will allow Guests to engage with water as it moves from the sky to the oceans and then returns, as per the information on the official WDW website. This area of interest will become accessible to the public within World Nature, a district in EPCOT focused on appreciating and safeguarding the Earth’s natural splendor, offering all visitors a sense of harmony and calm. While Disney has not yet provided an official launch date, this section of interest is anticipated to become available in the latter part of 2023, potentially between October and December of the current year.

Main Street, U.S.A. at Magic Kingdom decked out with Disney Halloween decorations.
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Despite record-breaking heat currently striking Central Florida, Autumn is around the corner. Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is set to debut this weekend at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Delve into enchanting spookiness as Disney World’s celebrated event, Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, comes to life. This bewitching extravaganza offers a unique and family-friendly twist on the Halloween spirit, where magic and mischief intertwine. As dusk falls, the Park transforms into a playground of eerie delights, with beloved characters donning their most whimsical costumes and vibrant decorations adorning every corner. The festivities paint an unforgettable Halloween tableau, from thrilling parades filled with iconic Disney villains to bewitching fireworks illuminating the night sky. Trick-or-treat through elaborately themed lands, each offering delectable treats and surprises, and immerse yourself in a world where jack-o’-lanterns grin, and shadows dance. Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is a fantastical escape that blends the enchantment of Disney with the allure of Halloween, creating an experience that leaves both young and young-at-heart spellbound.

All good things are heading to the Parks soon. Still, there’s been a trend at WDW that has certain people scared as a possible brain-eating ameba and tetanus could lurk within Disney’s waters, as the latter have been discovered within the surrounding areas outside the Parks.

Disney World Guest jumps into the water inside of it's a small world attraction within the Magic Kingdom
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Unruly Behavior Could Put Guests at Risk of Catching Brain-Eating Amoeba, Tetanus

There’s been an influx of unruly behavior within the Disney World Parks. Guests have taken it upon themselves to drink the water within some attractions and even put their hands, feet, and bodies. inside. A TikToker named @net.viral7 created a video comprising these unruly behaviors inside the Parks. But the video also warns folks looking to challenge themselves and participate in this trend.


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But a simple TikTok video isn’t enough to validate this claim. In early July, a family was interviewed to discuss the death of their beloved son, who died after swimming in the fresh waters surrounding Orlando, which is in the same area as Walt Disney World Resort. FOX 35 Orlando came out with the story about a month ago and mentioned the brain-eating bacteria found in Orlando and how rapid testing could have saved the boy’s life. Furthermore, Health officials did release an official statement in an article earlier this year about the brain-eating amoeba and how it was found in Central Florida, warning locals, and folks traveling to the region, to be careful. Despite the seas being in the most magical place on Earth, staying out of those harmful waters is a safe bet for anyone and everyone. Do not attempt to drink; put your limbs or your entire body in the attraction waters of Disney World or any other theme Park. Aside from this brain-eating bacteria, you can get tetanus from the water inside the water-based attractions at Disney World, as many mechanical moving parts are submerged inside the water. Just don’t push your luck for a few clicks and views. Be safe and follow directions.

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