Dangerous Weather Leads to Theme Park Closing as Guests Ordered Indoors

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Storm clouds appear high above a roller coaster located inside Hersheypark

Credit: Hersheypark

A theme Park has shut its doors following a series of unfortunate events due to severe inclement weather that covered the area.

The entrance gate of Hersheypark during Dark Nights
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Hersheypark – At the Heart of Pennsylvania

Hersheypark, located in Hershey, Pennsylvania, is a theme Park designed for families and folks of all ages to enjoy some thrills, chills, and everything else. Nestled in the heart of Pennsylvania’s picturesque landscape, Hersheypark is a sweet testament to the joys of chocolate and exhilarating entertainment. This captivating amusement Park, founded by the visionary Milton S. Hershey, seamlessly blends the magic of chocolate with an array of thrilling rides and attractions. From the heart-pounding roller coasters that send adrenaline coursing through your veins to the whimsical, family-friendly experiences that bring smiles to faces of all ages, Hersheypark offers an enchanting escape for everyone. As you explore its charming streets and indulge in delectable treats, you’ll discover a realm where the allure of confectionery wonder meets the excitement of amusement Park adventure, making Hersheypark a truly unforgettable destination.

Ferris Wheel located inside Hersheypark in Pennsylvania
Credit: Hersheypark

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With the location being in Pennsylvania, the Park is subject to inclement weather, like severe winds striking the area and leading to Guests taking shelter.

jolly rancher remix roller coaster at hersheypark
Credit: Hersheypark

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Theme Park Shuts Down After Strong Winds Cause Guests to Seek Shelter

On Monday, an alert was posted to the Hersheypark Twitter account telling Guests to evacuate and seek shelter after solid winds prompted the Park to close down several attractions. Aside from the attractions closing down, the Park ultimately decided to shut down the entire Park to keep Guests safe as they followed the direction of Park security to relocate to the Arena or designated indoor locations following the severe inclement weather patterns.

The update about the Park closing things down indefinitely was given just hours after the above tweet came out on their social platform.

The safety and well-being of Guests are paramount considerations that guide the responsible management of theme parks, necessitating the crucial decision to close down in the face of severe weather. While the allure of exhilarating rides and vibrant attractions is undeniable, the unpredictable nature of Mother Nature demands vigilance. Hersheypark closing down its theme Park during severe weather, whether a thunderstorm, hurricane or other hazardous conditions, is a proactive measure to protect visitors from potential harm. By suspending operations, Park management acknowledges the potential risks of adverse weather, including lightning strikes, strong winds, and flying debris. This thoughtful and prudent approach underscores the theme Park’s commitment to Guest safety above all else, ensuring that the enchanting experience of the Park remains harmoniously intertwined with the protection and well-being of each cherished Guest.

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