Disney Photographing Guests, Issues Major Warning

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When Guests go to Walt Disney World, things are going to be expensive.

When it comes to spending money at Disney, it is the easiest thing any Guest can do. Take Walt Disney World Resort, for example. Do you want to purchase tickets when you visit? Will you be going to Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and EPCOT? Will you be eating at Disney Springs? Will you be getting a snack at Magic Kingdom, like a churro? Will you enter the World of Disney or the Emporium on Main Street, U.S.A.? It is truly so easy to spend money at Disney — it’s actually impossible not to.

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At Disneyland, things are the exact same.

One of the most expensive purchases that any Disneyland Guest can make is purchasing a Magic Key. 

The Magic Key Pass a reimagined version of the Disneyland Resort Annual Passport program. It is Disneyland’s brand new program that allows Guests to visit the Disneyland Resort multiple days a year and receive up to 15% off select dining and 20% off select merchandise (depending on your level of key).

There are four tiers to Disneyland’s Magic Key Pass: Dream Key ($1399), Believe Key ($949), Enchant Key ($649), and Imagine Key ($399).

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The Imagine Key is only available for Southern California residents, much like the previous SoCal Pass in Disneyland’s retired Annual Pass program. So, only Guests who are residents in Southern California can purchase the Imagine Key. However, the three other keys are available to Guests across the globe.

There’s so much to each key, including exclusive discounts on food, merchandise, and dining. The Dream Key features the best discounts, with 20% off select merchandise and 15% off select food and beverage.

The three remaining passes feature 10% off merchandise, food, and beverages, but the Dream Key is the only pass that offers complimentary parking, with the Believe Key including 50% off theme park parking. The Enchant and Imagine Keys do not offer any complimentary or discounted parking.

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In the past, we have seen people take advantage of their Magic Key or Walt Disney World Annual Pass by reselling popular merchandise. Not only is reselling not allowed, but it violates any user’s terms and conditions to purchase items at a discount with their pass, to resell them for profit. Doing this will easily have your pass removed and can result in a ban from the theme parks.

Now, Disney is checking to see how Magic Key Holders are violating their privileges in other ways. When a Magic Key is purchased, the benefits that come with your specific Key cannot be shared.

One Guest took to the internet to ask why her Magic Key was receiving “minuses”, “So today I let one of my friends use my Disney pass for free parking and the parking attendant warned him that “two more misuses and the pass can be canceled” I tried to look up info about misuses but can’t find anything. Do you guys know anything about this or how they realized it wasn’t me?”

Here, we can see that Disney noticed that the person on the Magic Key did not look like the people in the vehicle when they went to get free parking and take advantage of the perk of their friend’s Magic Key. The Magic Key Holder does not have to be driving in this case, but they do have to be present.

Another replied, “This is the correct answer. Never share your pass.” Someone else said, “You’re lucky your friend got a nice CM that day. Typically, they would revoke the pass immediately, no second chance.”

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So, we can clearly see that Disney is indeed always watching. That being said, other Disneyland Guests did not see where there was a three-strike rule, stating, “When you first use your pass they check photo id and then take your picture. So every time the pass is used Disney can verify it’s the pass holder using it.In the Magic Key terms in conditions, it states a few different times that the pass benefits are non-transferable. For parking specifically, it states the pass holder must be in the vehicle in order to use the pass benefits. Don’t know where the cast member got the three-strikes rule though. I don’t see those in the terms and conditions statements.”

Unfortunately, this might be a bad thing for the person who initially ask, as another person noted, “Don’t be surprised if your pass gets revoked in the coming days. There is no “3 strikes” rule. The CM likely told your friend that just to get them into the parking lot and out of their lane, as to not hold up traffic. The CM likely flagged your pass in the system, and it will be reviewed. The photo you take at the front gate when you use your pass for the first time is the same photo that pops up at the toll booths when a pass is scanned.”

Pixar Pier at Disney California Adventure
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There is also a chance that the Cast Member let it slide, but said that as a warning that would then be passed along to the Magic Key Holder. Since there is no three-strikes rule, and what these Guests did is not at all allowed, the Cast Member should have charged them but created this warning instead.

The rest of the comments was filled with Guests warning the poster to never do that again, “You literally signed a contract with a line that states you will not share as it will be revoked. You take a photo on your first use, your photo pops up on the screen when they scan it. My friend had my pass on his phone and he had the believe key and would use my pass for parking. I had to notify a cast member that this was used without my permission and they removed my pass from his account without asking questions.Do. Not. Let. Others. Use. Your. Pass. Like the other commenter, they can revoke it and you will still have to pay it regardless. It’s not worth saving your friend $30+ when you can lose your entire pass.”

Holiday decorations shown on the outside front portion of the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland Resort in California
Credit: Disneyland Resort – The Haunted Mansion

As everyone has stated, sharing your pass in any way is a violation and can leave you without entry into Disneyland or Disney California Adventure for the foreseeable future if revoked.

Have you ever gotten in trouble for sharing your Magic Key or Annual Pass?

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