Disney Park Removes Trash Cans Following Reported Incidents

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Would you be able to go to Disney World and carry around your trash with you for extended periods of time? That is what Guests at one Disney Park do as trash cans have been removed for the most part to help reduce waste.

At Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and all of the International Disney Parks, Guests are often met with an exceptional level of cleanliness and care. Cast Members are trained to ensure that Guests are having a magical day, creating magic moments whenever they can. Custodial Cast Members are also always located all over the Park, picking up any garbage they see and ensuring that trash bins are never overflowing.

Children sweep as Custodial Cast Members at Tokyo Disney
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Walt Disney made it so that trash bins are only a few feet away from Guests at any given point, and Guests cannot buy gum at any Disney Park, in order to prevent gum from being spit out on the floor and making a mess. When it comes to “dirt” I would probably have to say that Tower of Terror or Haunted Mansion remains the dustiest, but considering Disney has a specific way to clean both attractions so that the fake dust remains, and the real dust goes away just shows how prolific they are when it comes to clean appearances.

If we look at Frontierland in Magic Kingdom, that land alone has over 120 garbage cans! So you can only imagine how many are scattered throughout the property. Trash cans at Disney Parks are also fantastically themed, and, somehow, do not look like they should be holding any trash within them.

overflowing trash at disney world
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Although Walt Disney’s idea of a clean theme park was always the goal, the Parks can still accumulate a lot of garbage, and sometimes the trash cans can overflow if they are not emptied in a timely manner. On top of that, we are starting to see guests not even bother to throw out trash, even with an empty bin right in front of them.

For example, on the Disneyland Reddit page, Connor Guice said, “How hard is it?”, sharing a photo of the trash can littered with garbage on top of it in the Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout queue in Avengers Campus. In the photo, we can see that the trash can is not full, but it was instead a guest choice to not toss their garbage inside of it. Of course, this creates a much dirtier and messy appearance.

How hard is it?
by u/ConnorGuice in Disneyland

Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort may suffer from this excessive garbage and dirty behaivor from guests, but at Tokyo Disney Resort, you will never see this issue. Here is why.

Whether you are at Tokyo Disneyland or Tokyo DisneySea, you will likely notice a severe lack of trash bins. Although they do exist, you will be walking around the hub for at least 10 minutes in front of Cinderella Castle before you find one. Trash bins are located inside of eateries, but not so much within the park. This is something that the Japanese culture is used to in an attempt to reduce waste management and is something that is actually implemented across a majority of the country.

Tokyo Disney Resort's Cinderella Castle amidst a blue sky during the hot, summer months
Credit: Tokyo Disney Resort

The Tokyo Disney Resort website even states, “Please take all your trash with you when you leave, as trash cans are not available.”

Bloomberg shared, “Public waste bins and garbage cans were largely removed from Japanese cities following the 1995 sarin gas attacks, forcing residents to adopt some of the world’s more disciplined waste disposal techniques.”

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At Tokyo Disney Resort, however, if you are ever unable to find a trash can or bin around, you can always ask a Cast Member, many of them will actually take the garbage off your hands for you.

Would you be able to survive if trash cans were, in part, largely removed from Disney World or Disneyland? 

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