Disney CEO Bob Iger Gains Extreme Fan Support, Despite Calls For Resignation

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Avid fans quickly came to the support of Disney CEO Bob Iger after a petition to remove the head of the Walt Disney Company resurfaced.

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Disney CEO Bob Iger Defends Himself

According to a news release from Deadline, Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger was among the many representatives from the entertainment business to engage in talks between the WGA and the AMPTP despite the ongoing issues in entertainment and a complete industry transformation. Fans appear to support Disney CEO Bob Iger for political maneuvers, acquisitions, and creative excellence. This comes after a petition to dethrone the figurehead.

Ron DeSantis speaking, Bob Iger (Disney CEO) looking pensive.
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Disney CEO Bob Iger Was The “Loudest in the Room”

The Walt Disney World Resort and Disney Studios icon was reticent about the agreement. An inside source says, “They’re paralyzed, even as the clock is ticking, and it’s Ted’s fault, Iger’s fault, even Tony Vinciquerra’s fault, depending on who you ask.”

The fans first appeared to be against the Disney Parks figurehead Bob Iger. Yet after Inside the Magic ran an article about an anti-Bob Iger petition, it only yielded more support for the Disney CEO.

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Fans Support Walt Disney Resort and Studios

While there is a change.org petition to dethrone Iger, many Disney fans actually rallied behind the Disney Parks executive.

How Readers Reacted to Anti-Iger Sentiment

The many comments from those in the United States and beyond include a variety of opinions, with most in support of Disney’s CEO. These quotes have been edited for grammar and brevity, but the full text is here.*:

  • DK says, “People complain about everything. The Florida parks are busier this week than they were one year ago the same week. The magic is here and alive. Look for the positive and not the negative, and you will find it.”
  • Franklin G. says, “He is doing a great job! He is handling DeSantis the only way he can.”
  • Donald notes, “(…) Florida would be a swamp without Disney.”
  • David stated, “Bob Iger put Disney in the position it has become as a leader in entertainment (…). The issues Disney has had have been more from Bob Chapek. Give Bob Iger more time to turn around the poor moves that were already set in motion when he came back.”
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Walt Disney Studios Petition Gets Called Out

One of the responders noted that there were fewer than 1,000 signatures. Kelly stated, “(…) 1,000 people? Do you realize how many people walk through the gates at Disney?”

There is a history of petitions impacting many streaming platforms, Disney Parks, and other themed areas. Yet the executive chairman appears to have more support than dissent from the masses. It shows that Robert Iger is trusted by Disney fans, from Wall Street to theme park attendees.

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