Disney and Verizon Streaming Talks Could Improve Sports TV

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ESPN at Disney World

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Recent reports show that Disney and Verizon streaming interests are in talks about a partnership. The topic at hand: sports. A multi-billion-dollar industry, it might have niches, but together they form something great, and possibly profitable.

Jimmy Butler scoring during the 2023 NBA Finals
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Verizon and Disney Considering ESPN Partnership

There has been much talk about the streaming wars, customers upset at cuts made by Disney plus the recent rumors about Apple TV and Disney partnering. After the recent news of the ads subscription account setup.

As for the latest news, it appears that Verizon and Disney are in talks about a partnership over ESPN. The idea would theoretically play more unlimited content relating to sports, though the report is unclear as to whether it would be part of the Disney bundle or a Verizon promo.

ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex
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Disney Members With Streaming Service Subscriptions

There is an overlap between the pools of Verizon customers and Disney customers. Those with an existing subscription to Disney+ know that the Walt Disney Company makes cuts, but also has much to offer.  Subscriptions include access to Marvel, Lucasfilm, and Pixar, on top of other Walt Disney Company properties.

The idea of taking an ESPN subscription and joining that with a Verizon subscription opens a lot of doors. Any Verizon wireless customer or person with a Disney account can attest to the power of partnerships.

It might require tweaks in device payment terms or other small changes, but Verizon already bundled a deal for its customers. That’s proof of concept and is promising for Walt Disney Company and its fans.

Nikola Jokic battling with the Miami Heat in the first game of the 2023 NBA Finals
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Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg and Disney CEO Bob Iger

Representatives of two international powerhouses, Verizon and the Walt Disney Company are both publicly traded. This means that everything from TV shows to personal information and the Disney Channel lineup ultimately answers to a board of directors. And that board answers to shareholders.

The Disney and Verizon streaming talks are promising, and come as Disney CEO confirmed talks with the NFL, NBA, and MLB. There is no set deal at this time.

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