Disney and Apple Choose Collaboration Over Rivalry

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Disney and Apple collaborating

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Disney and Apple have a rich history as two of the major players in the entertainment and technology fields. But even the most iconic rivalries have collaborations, and these key entertainment powerhouses show how cross-promotion really works.

Scene from 'Coco' proving that Disney and Apple have a long collaboration history
Credit: Pixar

Disney and Apple Cross-Promotion History

Recently, Disney CEO Bob Iger and NBA Commissioner Adam Silver gave rave reviews of Apple’s new AR headset. The visit to the Sun Valley retreat, resulted in mixed opinions about Disney CEO Bob Iger.

But it does reveal that there is common ground among those entertainment giants. This common ground apparently results in collaboration rather than intra-industry cannibalization, letting Disney and Apple play off of each others’ strengths.

An example is seeing Disney drop a show, only to have it reappear on a separate streaming service. Another route to collaboration includes the talks of purchase, where Apple would bite a share out of Disney. Yet as influencer culture shows, there are other ways for Apple and Disney to collaborate, including mentions in TV, movies, and theme parks.

mike in monsters inc as an example of Disney and Apple collab
Credit: Disney

Disney and Apple in TV Shows and Film

Seeing an Apple product in Disney content or skimming past a Walt Disney Co. reference in TV shows or movies is a strong collaboration method between Disney and Apple.

Some relevant examples from Disney Pixar animation studio include:

  • Monsters, Inc. has a scene with Mike Wazowski holding up a magazine, revealing an homage to the Apple slogan, “Think Different.”
  • The overall design of Eve in Wall-E, appearing like an Apple product.
  • In Coco, you can spot an Apple computer in the Land of the Dead, showing that Disney content is ready to highlight Apple products.
Disney and Apple always collaborate, especially in this Pixar film
Credit: Pixar

Apple’s Presence in Disney Theme Parks

If you navigate to the App Store, you can find the “My Disney Experience” application. This real life magic is a way to access Disney theme parks online and offers valuable insight into the theme park operations. Want to visit Cinderella Castle? Just hit the app store first.

Miranda Sings Ralph Breaks the Internet
Credit: Disney

Apple Using Its Influence to Promote Disney TV Content

There remains access for Android users, but it doesn’t detract from the amount of collaboration between Disney content and Apple product development. While Apple originals tend to self-promote, there are references to Disney content. Examples include the mom on Invasion sending her kids to watch Disney content.

While the talks of sales, mergers, and other Disney content and Disney theme park maneuvers, it appears that collaboration has deep roots and is here to stay.

What do you think about Disney and Apple cross-promoting? Is it right for Disney content and Apple shows to practice these “billionaire summer camp” tactics? Share your take in the comments!

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