Campaign for “Adults Only” Disney World Gains Traction

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A little boy in a BB-8 Mickey hat standing in front of a Sorcerer Mickey topiary at Disney's Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World Resort.

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Disney Adults have long drawn ire on social media. Some think it’s strange to enjoy Disney Parks and Disney movies as a childless adult; others simply hopped onto the “hater” train for a viral video.

But this week, the focus flipped to parents at Walt Disney World Resort as a childless couple was infuriated by what they called “crotch goblins” ruining their Disney Park experience.

“Me and my husband were minding our own business at [ABC Commissary] in Hollywood studios, we sat down at a table for six and spread out our bags, backpacks, etc because there were plenty of tables available, we were hot, and wanted out of the heat,” Reddit user u/introvertedandproud wrote. “We ate, sat for a minute to cool off, it gets a little busier.”

Two Disney Adults dining at Topolino's
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As the restaurant got busier, the guests continued relaxing at their table. But even as families piled in, they claimed plenty of seats remained available.

“A family of four comes in and the mom has the audacity to walk up and tell us to move,” the guest continued. “This girl doesn’t ask, she tells us to move. She sits her stuff down beside me and starts throwing us out while berating us for sitting down in an empty restaurant where there were plenty places to sit!”

The couple refused to move.

Four Disney Guests holding pins in front of Cinderella Castle
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“She kept saying how inconsiderate I was and I told her I work hard for my money and I’d paid thousands of dollars to come to this park too and I’m tired of getting treated like a second class citizen because I haven’t squeezed out ten kids,” she continued. “My husband is mr. Meely-mouth and at this point, I’m just furious.”

The guest claimed she would’ve moved if the family had asked politely, calling them “entitled.”

“Yes, it would have been convenient and courteous for us to move for them, even though it would have inconvenienced us,” the guest said. “Yes, I would have moved if she had asked in a humane way. Millennials are the childless generation and the entitlement of these worthless ‘parents.’ sickens me.”

Star Wars Launch Bay at Disney's Hollywood Studios
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Some Disney Parks fans told the guest that she was in the wrong.

“Disney adults are the worst,” said u/sploot16.

“Both parties are in the wrong,” u/happliymrsj wrote. “Yall for taking a table for 6, and them for expecting you to move. Its just a mess all around.”

Disney's Hollywood Studios shown at night, empty.
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But the guest maintained her innocence.

“No, actually we were the couple with medical issues, shoes and neck fans on, that were enjoying a little bit of a/c before we passed out on from heat exhaustion,” she replied. “We were lingering for about 10 mins while we cooled off after eating so I wouldn’t collapse when we went outside. The ‘I want what you have and I get to take it now because I refuse to pull two extra chairs over to one table’ attitude is gross to me.”

Other fans commended her firm stance.

Disney's Hollywood Studios entrance at sunset.
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“I’m a late Gen X’er with three kids that are all Gen Z,” u/telecomguy wrote. Never would I ever do that to someone, I don’t care how tired or pi*sed off I am at the world. Neither of my kids would do that either. My wife and I have actually raised our kids to call out people’s bad behavior. I’m sorry you had to deal with that, entitled people should be shot into the sun.”

“Nah, I have kids and would never ask someone already seated to move just so WE could sit down,” said u/Nibbles928. “I agree with your entitled assessment.”

“This is the point I’m trying to make,” the guest agreed. “As soon as she spoke to me, she came off hot and bothered… It wasn’t the fact that she wanted us to leave or move, it was the fact that she demanded it.”

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Please note that the story outlined in this article is based on a personal Disney Parks Guest experience. No two Guest experiences are alike, and this article does not necessarily align with Inside the Magic’s personal views on Disney Park operations.

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