“Woke” Movie Not So Woke, “Barbie Isn’t a Feminist Icon,” Says Writer

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There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding the upcoming Barbie movie.

Greta Gerwing, Margot Robbie (Barbie), Ryan Gosling (Ken), and several of the other users involved in the movie have been sharing their opinions on what the movie means to them, and what it will mean to audiences everywhere. Ken and Barbie’s relationship has been compared to Adam and Eve, the movie is reportedly about topics of girlhood, growing up, gender and individual expression, and will reportedly include many other “woke” ideals.

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Recently, the movie was called out by a Tennessee pastor for promoting homosexuality and LGBTQ+ messages, and its premiere has been delayed in various Asian countries due to territory issues. So already, there’s been quite a bit of controversy surrounding the movie. Recently, Diablo Cody, Oscar-winning screenwriter for Juno (2007) and the original script writer for Barbie, spoke out about why she left the production.

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She explains that getting Barbie off the ground has been difficult as many people have come and gone from the film, including stars like Amy Schumer and Anne Hathaway. She explains that when she first signed on to the movie, there wasn’t as much focus on feminism, or women’s rights, and the TikTok-inspired “Barbie-core” aesthetic did not exist.

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“I think I know why I shit the bed,” Cody recently told GQ Magazine. “When I was first hired for this, I don’t think the culture had not embraced the femme or the bimbo as valid feminist archetypes yet…They wanted a girl-boss feminist twist on Barbie, and I couldn’t figure it out because that’s not what Barbie is,” she explained.

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At the time, Barbie was just seen as Barbie, very feminine and a symbol of femininity and girlhood. It’s only been within the last couple of years that Barbie has been reclaimed as a feminist symbol, and Mattel has started to diversify the Barbie line of dolls. Now, there are dolls of all skin tones, abilities, and backgrounds, meaning that she is truly representative of anyone and everyone.

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Perhaps there has been no better time to make a Barbie movie than now as women’s rights are back on the chopping block and heated discussions and conservative laws have been passed around the country in regards to the transgender community and other LGBTQ+ members.

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It’s unclear as of yet exactly what Barbie will be about or what topics will be discussed in the film, but it is sure to hit home with most, if not all, viewers. Back in 2014, when it seems Cody first signed on for the project, it likely would not have resonated with audiences the way it undoubtedly will now, in 2023. Cody’s exit from the film as well as its troubled attempts to get off the ground, just prove that it was a case of waiting for the right time.

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