Kate McKinnon Says ‘Barbie’ Movie Proves That Gender Roles Are Dumb

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kate mckinnon as weird barbie barbie movie

Credit: Warner Bros.

The Barbie movie has made a big deal out of all the different kinds of Barbie you can be – there’s President Barbie, Doctor Barbie, Lawyer Barbie, Astronaut Barbie, and yes, of course, Margot Robbie’s Malibu version.

One doll from the trailers that many fans have latched onto, however, is one that Mattel never made. She didn’t come with unique clothes and is not iconic because of any accessories or marketing. She’s iconic because she does not look at all the way a Barbie is supposed to look – she’s Weird.

Who Is Kate McKinnon’s “Weird Barbie?”

kate mckinnon as weird barbie barbie movie
Credit: Warner Bros.

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The Weird Barbie is like a temple sage: She’s dressed in strange, non-traditional garb but reveals ancient wisdom that the regular dolls don’t have access to.

We’ve all seen dolls like this – perhaps we’ve even owned them. Her hair has been cut into a wild, spiky mess; her dress is ill-fitting and was meant for a baby doll; she has strange crayon and marker scribbles all over her face and clothes.

These Barbies almost always belonged to the Weird Kids, and weird kids usually grow up to be either LGBTQ+, neurodivergent, or both. People who fall into these categories have a lot of things in common, but one of them is a marked difference in the way they understand the concept of gender.

Because of this, it’s incredibly fitting that McKinnon, with all the exhaustion of a woman who was the first openly gay member of the SNL cast, explained that they saw right through all the guys-versus-girls themes written into the script.

What Can This “Weird” Version Teach Us?

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McKinnon, who went to college with Greta Gerwig, says the movie is “about how gender roles deny people half their humanity, and we need to just be ourselves.”

That’s the point, plain and simple: Trying to shove oneself into a category or box, rather than simply being yourself and letting people apply adjectives to you as they see fit, limits yourself as a human being.

Rather than thinking about whether they’re “acting like a Ken” or “acting like a Barbie,” people should simply worry whether they are acting like themselves – that is how you truly come alive.

kate mckinnon barbie movie
Credit: Warner Bros.

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Everyone would do well to remember this lesson, especially right now, as panic around the concept of transgender individuals and drag queens is at a fever pitch.

Perhaps if people like Elon Musk and JK Rowling would just calm down and listen, they wouldn’t be so worried about policing what other people choose to call themselves online.

We’ll see all this carefully crafted messaging and some prime examples of Big Ken Energy play out soon; Barbie comes to theaters on July 21. If you’d like to see it early, there are advanced screenings of the film in select cities – but tickets are selling out very fast.

Did you have a Weird Barbie growing up, or did you know someone who had one? Tell us all about her in the comments below.

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