Tree Falls On Theme Park Guests, Multiple People Injured

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Credit: @therealjpland21

A truly bizarre accident occurred at a popular theme park destination, leaving several Guests injured.

Credit: Six Flags

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From Walt Disney World to Universal Studios Hollywood, there’s no shortage of incredible theme parks waiting for Guests to enjoy. These places should be a fun and magical experience for everyone. Unfortunately, like any real-world destination, accidents do occur.

This is why it’s crucial for theme parks to employ the best of the best in case. Guests require medical attention.

Recently, a truly bizarre situation unfolded at a Six Flags theme park in California, leaving several Guests bruised and cut.

Six Flags Magic mountain west coast racers attraction track
Credit: Six Flags

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As Guests were visiting Six Flags Magic Mountain, a tree fell onto them. While no one was reportedly seriously injured, Guests did have minor cuts and scrapes.

The incident was reported online through social media spaces such as Twitter:

tree branch falls onto guests at six flags… no team members came to help 🙁 no severe injuries, guests had minor cuts

The Guest who recorded the incident noted that it took several minutes for anyone to show up to provide assistance.

Eventually, medical personnel, such as EMTs as well as Six Flags Team Members, did show up to the scene.

At this time, it is unclear how this incident actually happened. Luckily, as we said earlier, no one was seriously injured.

In other Six Flags news, a man was recently arrested after attacking an elderly  Guest at Six Flags Great America in Illinois. The man reportedly slapped a Guest after a disagreement in a shop. Last year, several Guests were injured after problems with an iconic Six Flags roller coaster.

This is a developing story. Stay tuned here at Inside the Magic for more details as they become available. 

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