Fans Disappointed as Actors Strike Hits Major Events

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The Screen Actors Guild of America (SAG) made the industry-defining move to strike officially yesterday after more than a month of negotiations failed to reach an agreement with the AMPTP. Now, they join the Writers Guild of America (WGA) in striking against the major Hollywood studios in an effort to receive higher wages, increased streaming residuals, and protections against the use of artificial intelligence in the film industry.

As a result of their decision, over a dozen productions that were trying to work through the strike have officially halted work, promising more delays on expected films and seasons of upcoming shows. Several Marvel and DC projects had already announced delays due to the writers’ strike, but any production that had been working through that, including Deadpool 3 (2024), has now officially come to a halt.

Deadpool and Wolverine in new looks.
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Some productions that had received approved scripts before the WGA went on strike in May were able to start filming, although the strike meant that the production would receive no rewrites, script edits, or post-production script work. Television studios shifted much of their fall line-up to unscripted reality shows to cover the gap left by the lack of scripted shows, so overall, the writers’ strike hadn’t obviously affected too much right off the bat.

Fran Drescher announcing the SAG-AFTRA strike actors strike
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The WGA went on strike in early May after negotiations failed in April, and have been on strike since. It was recently revealed that the studios that make up the AMPTP reportedly have no intention of discussing anything with the writers “until they start to lose their apartments and houses.” In contrast, SAG started negotiations back in June, with a contract sack to expire on June 30, which was then extended to July 12. In a moment of desperation, executives from some of the major studios made a last-ditch effort to try to forestall the strike but failed to reach an agreement.

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However, now that the actors have joined the WGA, it means a complete shake-up of not only every production still working, but dozens of other related events as well, including promotional interviews, press junkets, and even comic cons, including San Diego Comic-Con. Variety unveiled the shocking list of strike rules that SAG members must now follow, including a long list of what they’re not allowed to do.

Photo Credit: San Diego Comic Con International

While SAG is on strike, members are not allowed to promote work at major fan events like conventions, fan expos, festivals, or panels. For many actors, especially those who rely on their comic con appearances for money, this is a major blow and could likely result in many actors pulling out of their scheduled appearances. Even award shows like the EMMYS will be affected, with the show already delaying from its September date to later this year or early next year.

Jamie Lee Curtis at 2018 San Diego Comic-Con
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They also won’t be allowed to tour, interview, promote, or appear at screenings of their productions. The cast of Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer (2024) was perhaps the first cast to act on this, leaving their red carpet event in Italy mid-screening after hearing about the call to strike. Promotion of their work on social media, podcast appearances, and award shows is also not allowed under the rulings.

While part of the purpose of the strike and the strike rules is to disrupt the industry in an effort to prove how valuable the writers and actors are, it also proves that there’s more at stake than just delayed movies and TV shows. Major fan events will also be impacted for quite some time, as well as the creatives that rely on the con circuit to supplement their income.

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