Nightmare Before Christmas’ Jack Skellington Will Terrify Your Neighbors This Year

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Credit: Disney

The Nightmare Before Christmas‘ Jack Skellington will soon be available to give your neighbors a serious scare, which is what he was truly made for.

Jack Skellington (Danny Elfman) does his best Santa Claus in The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993). Credit: Disney
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Since its release in 1993, The Nightmare Before Christmas has become a perennial Halloween classic, splitting the difference between “heartwarming family film” and “deeply disturbing near-horror movie.” No element of the Henry Selick-directed movie (though producer Tim Burton usually gets the credit) is more iconic than Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town, who spends the movie wanting something more than just scares.

Sadly for Jack Skellington, we want nothing more from him than to be terrified, which is why Home Depot has just unveiled its latest offer: a massive, 13-foot-tall statue of the Pumpkin King to use as a Halloween decoration in your yard and disturb anyone that walks by.

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As if the spectral visage of Jack Skellington was not enough to freak out any trick-or-treaters, it seems that this particular statue of the lord of Halloween Town (though not the Mayor, because the town’s power structure is complicated) also has a fully-articulated mouth that talks and sings as it moves.

Check it out (via Scott Gustin on Twitter):

As we said, The Nightmare Before Christmas lands right in the middle ground between spooky and cuddly, but very few things are cute when you make them 13 feet tall and move. It can be assumed that the Jack Skellington statue sings some of the songs from the original movie (like “Jack’s Lament” or “This Is Halloween”); it is unclear whether the statue will use recordings of composer Danny Elfman, who provided the original singing voice, while Chris Sarandon voiced his dialogue.

One thing that is certain: if you want to make your yard into an authentic Halloween Town, it won’t be cheap. Home Depot is going to be selling the Jack Skellington statue online for about $30 a foot of Jack Skellington, so really that’s a Nightmare Before Christmas bargain.

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Although Disney has never produced a sequel to The Nightmare Before Christmas, it has become vital to the House of Mouse brand. Halloween events (like Disneyland’s Oogie Boogie Bash) have become a beloved annual tradition, even if buying tickets for them is a whole lot of trouble.

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However, if you can’t make it to a Disneyland Resort for the spookiest of holidays, Jack Skellington and Home Depot can at least help you turn your yard into a magical kingdom of Halloween.

How do you celebrate with Jack Skellington? Trick or treat in the comments below!


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