Oogie’s Revenge: The ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ Sequel

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The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of Disney’s most successful cult films in their catalog, and while some fans are constantly wanting to see Jack return to take over another holiday, many have forgotten that a sequel already exists. However, it’s not a movie, but a video game on the Playstation 2.

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The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie’s Revenge serves as a direct sequel to the original 1993 feature, but focuses on Jack trying to improve his own holiday rather than try to ransack Christmas, Easter, or any of the other holiday worlds of old. However, it’s not all pumpkins and candy in Halloween Town. As Jack leaves Halloween to travel the world and discover new tricks and treats to further flesh out his holiday, Lock, Shock, and Barrel reanimate that no-account Oogie Boogie, bugs, bags, and all. Restored to his horrible old self, Oogie summons a whole host of ghosts, skeletons, and more to take over the seven holiday realms.

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Naturally, Jack doesn’t take this lying down. When Oogie scares off Jack’s friends, steals Dr. Finklestein’s brains, and kidnaps Sally, he sets out on a mission to put the overgrown bag of bugs in his place. Armed with his Soul Robber, a green and slimy whip-like weapon, and aided by his Pumpkin King and Sandy Claws forms, Jack is able to slice, dice, and dance his way through any monster that gets in his way.

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The game itself is a Tim Burton fan’s dream come true, but it also features a mishmash of gameplay that perfectly accompanies the film and creator’s eccentric style. At its core, the gameplay is a hack-and-slash action/adventure title with some dancing rhythm minigames thrown in for good measure. Gamers familiar with Capcom’s Devil May Cry series will instantly feel right at home as Jack racks up combo bonuses with his slashing Soul Robber. Better scores mean better “Nightmare Ranks” at the end of each level, resulting in more unlockable content and a higher replay value.

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In the end, not only is the game a fun and interactive sequel to one of Disney’s most beloved properties, but an underrated gaming gem that truly deserves a port onto modern systems. With the current love for both the film and director paired with the technology to give it a modern remaster or remake, fans would undoubtedly love another chance to play Oogie’s Revenge. Perhaps some day Disney might revisit this version of Halloween Town.

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