Viral Video Legend Gives Surprise Review of New TMNT Movie

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Before TikTok and Instagram churned out an incomprehensible amount of memes, reels and internet crazes, the youths of the 2000s were relegated to the simpler times of finding daily entertainment via the relic of YouTube. Memes were cherished forms of media that if dropped at the right time, could become legendary in the cultural zeitgeist. One of these fabled heroes made their first appearance in 2007 when being interviewed by a news reporter. The interviewee was a dead-eyed boy with zombie face paint who answered if he liked his new face with “I like turtles.” The random response created an internet sensation that has been resurrected this week. “Zombie Boy” is back and he has given his extensive review of TMNT: Mutant Mayhem.

“Zombie Boy” aka the “I like Turtles” kid was a reptile-loving 10-year-old named Jonathan Ware. His profession of love for turtles at a carnival in Portland, Oregon sparked a viral video that was viewed more than 53 million times on YouTube. Jonathan (now 26) has used this notoriety to become a viewer-streaming gamer. Now, the internet meme Hall of Famer has made his triumphant, undead-looking return.

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This week he has been part of a media marketing campaign to promote the new animated TMNT film. The story will reexamine the Turtles’ origin story by having the boys discover the source of the ooze and their transformation. The socially awkward brothers, who still reside in the sewers of New York City will also yearn to break free of their solitary lives so they can be accepted as normal teenagers to their New York neighbors.

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The story was written by Seth Rogen and his partner, Evan Goldberg, who infused their irreverent, yet endearing humor into these iconic characters. The film was co-directed by Jeff Rowe who is known for Disney’s Gravity Falls, Disenchantment, and The Mitchells vs the Machines. The filmmaker was chosen due to his expertise with effortlessly balancing the art of animation with well-timed comedy. This highly-anticipated reimagining has been oozing out for fans as they wait for the film’s judgement from this viral video celeb. Here is his finally verdict on the movie:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem debuts in theaters Wednesday, August 2, 2023.

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