People Spotted on Disney World Cinderella Castle

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Guests noticed a few individuals lingering on top of Walt Disney World’s iconic Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom.

Adult and young Guest at Magic Kingdom
Credit: Disney

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The Disney Parks and Resorts are some of the most popular places for Guests to visit in the entire world. From Magic Kingdom and EPCOT to Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios, you can guarantee that thousands of Guests will pour onto “The Most Magical Place on Earth” every single day.

It’s even been proven that Magic Kingdom is the most visited theme park in the world, with several other Disney Parks coming in close behind it.

It’s not really surprising when considering the sheer size and amount of things there are to do at Magic Kingdom.

A carriage and footmen in East Plaza Garden
Credit: Disney

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With classic dark rides like Pirated of the Caribbean and Peter Pan’s Flight to more thrilling adventures such as Space Mountain and TRON Lightcycle/Run, there’s always something fun waiting around every corner.

However, the centerpiece of the Park is the jaw-dropping Cinderella Castle, which resides at the end of Main Street U.S.A.

Massive Crane Arrives at Magic Kingdom, 50th Anniversary Décor Removal Continues
Credit: Inside The Magic – Brittany DiCologero

This iconic white, pink, and blue castle has been the highlight of a visit to Walt Disney World for millions of Guests, and we can’t blame them. The castle is massive, standing a whopping 189 feet tall.

Guests can walk through the castle on both sides, and if they’re lucky enough os nag a reservation at Cinerella’s Royal Table, they can even dine in the upstairs section.

For years Guests have dreamed of being able to stay in the legendary secret suite inside, but for most Guests, Cinderella Castle is an impressive display of Disney Imagineering, not an actual interactive experience.

However, Guests recently spotted a few people on the castle, as you can see below:

Wondering what they’re doing on top of Cinderella castle 50 minutes before Happily Ever After

Wondering what they’re doing on top of Cinderella castle 50 minutes before Happily Ever After
by u/epicfoof in WaltDisneyWorld

Two individuals could be seen in the upper section of the castle about an hour before Happily Ever After, Magic Kingdom’s nightly show.

In the past, we’ve seen quite a few Guests attempt to climb the castle for a better view. This goes strictly against Walt Disney World’s rules and may very well result in Guests being banned entirely from the Park.

However, We assume these people work for Disney and were preparing something needed for the show.

What’s your favorite part of Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World?

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