Dwayne Johnson Uses ‘Moana’ Powers to Further Warrior Spirit

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A new report shows that for Dwayne Johnson Moana is more than a role, it’s a lifestyle. Dwayne The Rock Johnson proved himself a true gentleman, doing a kind deed for an up-and-coming fighter with a true warrior spirit.

Dwayne Johnson: The Rock and New Face of Moana‘s Maui

The Dwayne Johnson Moana icon is all over the news for his role as Maui and the idea of Johnson reprising the demigod in a Moana live action. The new teaser trailer with Dwayne Johnson and Zendaya was enough to pique the public’s interest.

Disney's Tiki Room as it celebrates 60th anniversary amidst concerns of cultural appropriation such as in 'Moana'
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Dwayne Johnson Moana Role: Respect is Essential

And it looks like The Rock, or La Roca, lives up to the values of New Zealand and Hawaiian icon Maui. While the name might have hit the Western scene later, the legend that the Dwayne Johnson Moana plays off of isn’t. It has ancient roots that the Moana live-action will hopefully represent.

Per the official New Zealand statement, “Māori legend says New Zealand was fished from the sea by the daring demigod Māui.” It’s that same daring spirit that saw the Disney Dwayne Johnson Moana icon show his gentlemanly side. It honored the warrior strength that fans appreciate while also staying true to the Dwayne The Rock Johnson brand.

Dwayne Johnson in front of Jumanji banner and Maui and Moana from Disney's 'Moana' (2016)
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Separating Dwayne Johnson the Man from the Myth

In many ways, Dwayne Johnson became a modern legend. The warrior strength he embodies is a major draw for his casting in the live action Moana and even as the iconic Genie from Aladdin. The legend of Maui is sacred, and honoring the principles that it represents is important to creating an inclusive culture. Social media over the Moana live action is blowing up (people seem to miss Te Fiti and demigod Maui’s tales).

Remaining Respectful of the Past and the Subject

Disney’s increased push for inclusion and representation in its live action version of films makes it harder to separate Dwayne The Rock Johnson from the character in the Moana live action film. So, showing that Dwayne Johnson can live up to the demigod Maui standard is important. It also recalls his relation to High Chief Peter Maivia and his long-standing roots in the culture, not unlike the gods of lore.

dwayne johnson as maui in moana singing you're welcome by lin-manuel miranda
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Dwayne Johnson: Peoples Grace Prevails

Remaining True to the Spirit of Moana, a report from Code List shows that Dwayne Johnson, in his capacity as The Rock reached out to MMA and UFC fighter Themba Gorimbo. Visible on ESPN, Dwayne Johnson humanized himself and showed that even Walt Disney Studios actors need heroes.

According to Dwayne Johnson, “We didn’t know each other, but I had to fly to Miami to look this man in the eye, hug him, and reach out his hand. His story has touched and inspired me.” The meet and share was a big hit for fans, as peoples grace shows through in the kindness and savvy of Dwayne Johnson, the pop-culture icon.

Moana poses infront of Te Fiti and an animated Moana and Maui poses along with a pig in a coast.
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The Voice of Te Fiti: Dwayne Johnson Moana Icon Uses His Voice Well

Gorimbo was a source of inspiration for Dwayne Johnson, and he gave the best gift possible for a fighter battling for the spotlight: a voice to share with fans the story. The Walt Disney Company, in particular its live action movie adaptations, is aiming for inclusion by choosing the right executive producer and cast.

Beautiful Story Between Two Fighters

Dwayne The Rock Johnson related the story of the struggling fighter, “ I won my first fight in the U.S. He had $7 dollars in his bank account when I moved in. I sleep on the couch at the gym.”

Sports can be hard to follow because of their sheer extent, but they feature live action, reimagining of the gladiators of old. Whether on ESPN or elsewhere, it’s something that adds value to the lives of many, including Dwayne Johnson.

Without saying “you’re welcome” Dwayne Johnson felt compelled to do some good. And meeting the Walt Disney Studios icon was a great place to start. Sharing a story is a way to bring awareness to the warrior spirit that lives on in many; one that Dwayne Johnson (and his fans) emulate.

It shows that the values of the live action Moana get informed by someone with the demigod Maui’s good energy. Hopefully, it can also help save the Moana film from the fates of so many other Disney movies. Thankfully, Dwayne Johnson has proven himself The Rock of any situation time and again.

What do you think about Dwayne Johnson helping this up-and-comer? Make your mark in the comments below and pay it forward with the story!

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