Guests Trapped in Elevator at Disneyland Parking Structure

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The Pixar Pals parking structure at Disneyland alongside a screenshot from a tiktok of two Guests trapped in the disneyland parking structure.

Getting stuck on rides is common for Guests at The Happiest Place on Earth – even magical attractions don’t always work as intended. But it’s rare to encounter technical issues before stepping foot in the Disney Parks, like Guests that recently found themselves trapped on an elevator in a Disneyland parking structure!

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Disneyland Resort offers two parking structures (Mickey and Friends and Pixar Pals) and two flat lots (the Toy Story Parking area and a small unnamed lot adjacent to Downtown Disney District). All offer quick access to Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park, meaning that most Guests simply follow Cast Member instructions when selecting a parking area. But a recent experience could make some Disney Park Guests think twice about the Pixar Pals garage!

TikToker @dyl4ntr shared this video of themselves and another Guest trapped inside an elevator at the Disneyland parking structure last week:



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In the video, one of the Guests points to the sign that shows the elevator is on the first floor, but the doors aren’t opening. It’s unknown how long the Guests were left on the elevator before rescue.

All elevators are equipped with emergency call buttons for Guests to contact authorities if they become trapped inside. If this system fails, it’s recommended that passengers use their cell phones to call 911. Most of the time, elevators can be manually reset and evacuated within minutes. If not, emergency personnel can force the doors open to rescue passengers.

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