Benedict Cumberbatch Opens Up About MCU Role With Harrison Ford

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Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange using his magic.

Credit: Marvel Studios

Benedict Cumberbatch might be Doctor Strange, but his next appearance in the MCU might shock fans if it actually includes Harrison Ford.

Doctor Strange and Wong
Credit: Marvel Studios

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As of right now, Doctor Strange and Thaddeus Ross have no reason to see each other in the MCU. Ross might be becoming the new President of the United States in the MCU, but that doesn’t mean someone like Strange has to deal with MCU politics. As a sorcerer, Strange is more worried about the state of the Multiverse than trying to appease governments.

That’s why Harrison Ford will be appearing in movies like Thunderbolts (2024) and Captain America: Brave New World (2024) because his role means a lot more in those movies, while Strange is more centered around saving more than just the Earth.

Harrison ford in Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny
Credit: Lucasfilm

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Because of this, no one would consider the two characters to show up in the same MCU movie, but one source that shares quite a bit of news centered around the former Sorcerer Supreme believes that the chance of Ford working with Cumberbatch isn’t far-fetched:

Benedict Cumberbatch teases he could possibly be shooting an ‘AVENGERS’ scene as #DoctorStrange with Harrison Ford (President Ross/Red Hulk) in the future “There’s probably a talk going on now somewhere with Kevin Feige telling people more than I know…”

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Yes, Doctor Strange is reportedly the new leader of the Avengers, so this would make a lot of sense since Avengers: Kang Dynasty (2025) will likely be a huge point in the Multiverse Saga as Kang finally attacks the Avengers, who have been disbanded ever since Avengers: Endgame (2019). Fans have seen or heard very little about the Avengers in the past few years, so it will be great to see them all in action, but it’s hard to know whether or not Marvel can make an Avengers movie that will be on the same level as their previous installments.

Without Iron Man, Captain America, and several other iconic heroes, it won’t be as easy, but fans know that Kevin Feige has been planning this story for a long time, and if done well, it could end up being one of the best movies in the MCU. Fans might not be ready to see Doctor Strange and Harrison Ford in the same room, but anything is possible in an Avengers movie.

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