Another Crack Found on Popular Damaged Roller Coaster

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Fury 325 coaster track at Carowinds

Credit: Carowinds

A second crack has reportedly been identified on the Fury 325 roller coaster that went viral last month for its broken beam.

Generally speaking, roller coasters are very safe to ride. Your odds of getting injured during your ride are one in 15.5 million, meaning you’re more likely to be struck by lightning or be eaten by a shark. Roller coasters are designed to give you a controlled, safe thrill, and safety procedures are typically very strict.

A car goes up the track on Fury 325
Credit: Carowinds

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That’s why it’s so disconcerting to read headlines like the one that emerged from Carowinds in June. The North Carolina theme park shut down its Fury 325 roller coaster after a Guest spotted a large crack in a steel support pillar. The crack meant that the track was pulling away from the beam each time a car barreled around a sharp curve.

Fury 325 at Carowinds, has now been shut down thanks to a visitor who spotted this massive crack in the support beam. Huge shout out to Jeremy Wagner for getting the video and telling Carowinds about it. #wcnc

Unsurprisingly, Fury 325 was swiftly closed until further notice, allowing crews to carry out a thorough inspection and all the necessary repairs ASAP. The Guest who spotted the issue later complained that Carowinds Park personnel felt “no urgency” to fix the roller coaster before Guests noticed the damage, only shuttering the ride when the story went public.

The Park revealed that a new support beam made by B&M (the company that built Fury 325) was on the way, and new safety tests would take place as soon as the ride is fully operational. The beam has since arrived at the Park, and Carowinds plans to operate the ride through 500 cycles before reopening it to the public. The Department of Labor still hasn’t given the official approval to reopen.

Cracks on Fury 325
Credit: @wxbrad via Twitter

A new update has given us an idea of why. On Thursday (July 27), news station Channel 9 began investigating a tip that there may be a second crack in Fury 325. Carowinds officials wouldn’t comment on the rumor, simply telling Channel 9’s Joe Bruno that “the investigation is ongoing.”

The North Carolina Department of Labor has since confirmed that they were notified of a “weld indication,” which the department said “could be either a break or crack.”

Carowinds officials then sent a lengthy statement, stating: “It is not uncommon during full maintenance reviews to discover slight weld indications in various locations of a steel superstructure.”

The entrance to Carowinds
Credit: Carowinds

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Whether or not this “slight weld” requires extensive work to fix the North Carolina roller coaster – and, if so, how long it will take – remains to be seen. In the meantime, the North Carolina Department of Labor refused to provide a timeline for Fury 325’s reopening and confirmed that no certification of operation has been issued.

The Department previously also announced that Carowinds will not be fined for the crack in Fury 325 and that the investigation into how the crack first formed is still ongoing.

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