Some Very Good Reasons to Wear Extra Layers of Clothing in Disney World

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When most people consider visiting Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, they seldom think heavier garments like sweaters, jackets, or coats will be needed.

It’s Central Florida, after all, with its bright and sunny surroundings, hot and humid climate, and that perpetual summer vibe embracing you at every turn. Why would anyone even think of bringing thicker outerwear to such a destination? Well, it may surprise you to learn that there are many reasons why you may need to suddenly don more substantial cover-up clothing during your visit. Here at Inside the Magic, we’re sharing some of the best considerations for why you should cover up at Disney World and the best methods for how to cover up adequately.

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Indoor AC

Even if the forecast shows Orlando and surrounding areas like Tampa and Kissimmee to be stifling, it doesn’t mean the internal temperatures at public venues in such locations always are. Sometimes the hotter it is outside, the colder it is inside, given an owner’s overreacting urge to blast the AC to such extremes, making the venture indoors equally unbearable. It’s even worse when clothed in lightweight summertime wear. Therefore, to avoid going from one extreme to another, bring a sweater for lengthy store shopping, dining indoors at certain table-service restaurants, and even walking through your Resort lobby. Disney’s complimentary shuttle buses can also be brutally cold at times.

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Off Season Surprises

Some folks erroneously think that a wintertime escape to Florida is a way to experience yearlong summer. While the winter climate here is undoubtedly warmer than most other places in the continental United States, that doesn’t mean it’s constantly sizzling. The winter climate here averages temperatures comparable to most people’s interpretations of autumn and springtime. While rare, in some extreme cases temperatures have even been known to dip into the 40s (or lower). Therefore, a lightweight jacket, thick sweater, sweatshirt, or hoodie may just be in order for those planning a winter getaway.

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Hurricane Season

Then again, summer is still the most popular time to visit Disney World. But do be warned that hurricane season in Florida runs from June through the end of November, meaning you’re always at risk of getting caught in torrential downpours and such. Yet, surprisingly, most folks don’t even consider this factor. Aside from potential hurricane threats, there’s always that sudden rogue rain shower that can strike any moment. That’s why you should always be prepared to cover up when necessary.

Options for what is the best cover-up when rain rolls by include the obvious raincoat or even a poncho. And the good news is that there is a wide range of Disney ponchos for adults and children alike onsite. You’ll find them at pretty much any retailer. Still, you may consider bringing your own, as Disney-themed ponchos tend to be overpriced.

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Breezy Nights/Mornings

Regardless of the season, any place in the world is prone to experiencing a breezy night or an early morning nip from time to time. You may feel it if you’re hoping to get an early start to your day or staying late to watch a nighttime spectacular or enjoy an After Hours Evening event or other ticketed engagement. That’s when warmer gear, like a jacket or sweatshirt, can be most helpful.

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Wet Rides and Attractions

So, it’s a sunny day without a cloud in sight. Don’t put away that poncho just yet, though, especially if you’re planning to take on one of several water-based Disney World rides. Splash Mountain may be gone, and Tiana’s Bayou Adventure isn’t slated to open until the end of next year, but there are other rides that can leave you more than a little wet, including the ultimate drenching experience you get from Kali River Rapids over at Animal Kingdom Park. This experience is so intense that you may even want to consider bringing a complete change of clothing for after the ride.

Family riding along Kali River Rapids, one girl wearing a poncho
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Sun Protection

Let’s talk about the obvious now—the potent effects of the Floridian sun. Even if you take the usual precautions of applying sunscreen, don’t underestimate the importance of sun cover-up clothing. This can be particularly beneficial when taking a respite away from swimming to spend time on your Resort’s beach. It may also be helpful when riding along in boats (either rented pontoons or engaging in a leisurely ferryboat ride). Then there are the water parks to consider, and the fact you can easily overlook how many hours on end you’re spending under the beating sun.

Signature Dining

You probably know that Disney World is home to several signature dining venues, many requiring Guests to adhere to a set dress code beyond Park-casual. Outside of special events like weddings and parties, those are perhaps the only instances at Disney World where a fancy men’s jacket and full-fledged suit and tie may be required for males, and an elegant dress or skirt/blouse ensemble may be needed for females. Do take note, however, that some women’s fashions may not be adequate for that blaring AC we previously discussed. So, ladies, you may want to pair your signature attire with lovely women’s sweaters.

Dressed up diners at Victoria & Albert's
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That Disney Dress Code

The Disney Dress Code has been a hot topic for several years now. So many folks have been getting into trouble over it and sometimes even being banned from Disney Parks for not adhering to protocol in just the last few years alone. Do your part in avoiding any mischief by dressing adequately and appropriately. If you’re in doubt about that tank top, or if there is any questionability about the skimpiness in any of your clothing choices, play it safe and opt for more modest selections.

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You Want to Show Off Your New Disney Clothes

Nearby Disney Springs is the ultimate place to shop for all your clothing wants. From fancy cardigan sweaters to thick women’s coats and jackets, the perfect windbreakers for men and children, to a variety of cute cover-up tops in all sizes, the possibilities for what you can find here are seemingly limitless. But you can also find some great buys on location at your own Resort’s gift shop, including spirit jerseys and Disney-themed apparel particularly. The point is, shopping for clothing, even those thicker and warmer selections, can be a lot of fun on your vacation. And in some instances, including those aforementioned breezy evenings or other events, you may be looking for an excuse to start showing them off as soon as possible!

Side-by-side images of model showing off denim Mickey coat and models showing Princess Collection spirit jerseys

Can you think of any other suggested reasons or surprising circumstances for why a Guest at Disney World may want to cover up? Let us know in the comments.

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