Media Expert Doubles Down; Says Apple Should Buy Disney

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Disney CEO Bob Iger on the right and Disney Image with Apple Logo on the left; Apple Partnership

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In a recent memo to investors, media expert Laura Martin from Needham said Apple should buy The Walt Disney Company due to its newest partnership.

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Earlier this week at Apple’s Worldwide Developers’ Conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook had much to say about the company’s latest invention, the new Apple Vision Pro. What it could do for people’s productivity – however, Disney CEO Bob Iger stole the show when he announced that Disney+ plans to partner with Apple on the device’s release.

As The Walt Disney Company continues celebrating its 100th-anniversary celebration, the company will make bold moves. Disney has maintained a partnership with Apple for decades. In 2005, Bob Iger, the CEO, announced during an event that a selection of top-rated popular TV shows would be downloadable through the iTunes Music Store.

During its annual software developer meeting, Apple Inc revealed a new product category, an augmented-reality headset called the Apple Vision Pro. According to, this new product release marks Apple’s significant venture into a new product category for the first time since the introduction of the Apple Watch nearly a decade ago. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, referred to it as “spatial computing,” where the device is operated using your eyes, hands, and voice.

Apple Vision Pro.
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Following the announcement, this has spurred many different thoughts from Wall Street analysts on what this means for Apple and The Walt Disney Company’s future together.

Laura Martin, a media analyst with Needham, would tell investors in her latest memo to clients that “AAPL needs to buy DIS to drive adoption of Vision Pro. The fact that DIS CEO Bob Iger was on stage touting AAPL’s Vision Pro goggles demonstrates the compelling strategic fit between DIS’s content and AAPL’s wearable technology.”

She would also add, “You can’t force Disney content makers to do anything unless you own them.” Martin believes that Apple’s Vision Pro will only be successful if the content is unique to the product itself. The only way to ensure Disney strategically develops that content to drive sales is to bring Disney under the Apple ecosystem.

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