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Disney CEO Bob Iger on the right and Disney Image with Apple Logo on the left; Apple Partnership

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  1. Kevin

    If Disney sells to Apple in ANY shape or form, we will 100% done with Disney. No more going to the parks, no more movies, no more anything. It’s bad enough now, but then to sell it at all, would be a massive insult to EVERYONE. So, NO.

    1. Steve

      Don’t worry. That will never happen. Disney and Apple are going to be trust busted and broken up by the DOJ. Apple will be set back decades and put back its place as nothing but a computer maker and likewise Disney as nothing but an animation studio with some theme parks

  2. BC

    A sale to Apple would be very shortsighted, absolutely not
    I’d definitely switch to maybe a once a year visit to the parks, no longer be an annual pass holder. Technology comes and goes, content is forever. While Apple has made a success of selling $300 cellphones for $1.200, we’ll see how they do with a $ 3,500 piece of gear, even with monthly payments.

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