“Wheel of Death,” Horrific Ride Accident Caught on Video

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A still from a TikTok about a carnival ride accident featuring a ferris wheel leaning in the wind. Passenger cars are swinging upside down.

Credit: @mariiacherkasova1 TikTok

There’s something about Theme Park ride accident videos that the internet can’t look away from. Though the incidents are undoubtedly disastrous and terrifying, human nature forces many of us to look on in horror as what should be a few minutes of careless fun turns into a nightmare.

Despite inspections and safety standards, not all thrill rides are made equally. (Maybe that’s why my mom never let me ride those glimmering carnival rides at the county fair…)

Days ago, this video of an out-of-control Ferris wheel immediately captivated the attention of millions, quickly going viral after it was shared by @mariiacherkasova1 on TikTok: 


#foryou #fyp

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In it, the wind nearly pushes the Ferris wheel over. The giant ride struggles to stand up straight as its passenger compartments rapidly swing upside down in the air.

It doesn’t appear that any Guests were onboard the Ferris wheel during the inclement weather, but no official reports have been publicized about the incident. A 2018 video of an Italian Ferris wheel “spinning like a windmill” went viral earlier this year.

Scareactors standing in front of a ferris wheel at Hersheypark Dark Nights
Credit: Hersheypark

Regardless, the video has dissuaded many from ever boarding a Ferris wheel again.

“Confirmation that I will never ride the Ferris wheel again,” @ejnaks wrote.

“New fear unlocked,” @rheadarkrain agreed.

Big Eli Ferris wheel at Edaville Family Theme Park
Credit: Edaville Family Theme Park

Others found the incident hilarious, especially as it appears that no one was injured.

“You spin me round, right round like record baby…..” @benutzernametiktok2021 joked.

“Jesus take the Ferris wheel,” said @aparks1437.

Pixar Pal-A-Round shown at Dusk.
Credit: Disney

Creator @torinasan duetted the video, comparing the ride accident to a typical ride on Pixar-Pal-A-Round (formerly known as Mickey’s Fun Wheel) at Disney California Adventure Park. The Disney ride is known for its swaying and sliding gondolas, often misleading Guests who think they’re in for a peaceful Ferris wheel ride:


#duet with @Lub ah the wheel of death at @Disney Parks ! #disneylandcalifornia #pixarpalaround #disneyadult #disneyland

♬ original sound – Lub

“The Wheel of Death,” she quipped. “That’s why I’ve never been on it.”

After seeing this ride accident video, will you still hop on a Ferris wheel? Share your thoughts with Inside the Magic in the comments. 

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