Ride Operator Terrifyingly Jumps Onto Fast Spinning Attraction, Endangers Guests

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german fair worker

Credit: Marvinx._.x

When Guests go to their local fair or carnival, they may sometimes see the employees joking around. Many local fairs travel with a team of people who are able to operate the fair in every town or city it ends up in, meaning they are very familiar with the attractions that Guests can enjoy.

Often, at a fair, Guests will see a Ferris wheel, many game stations, a smaller roller coaster, and lots of rides that spin in various ways. In Versmold, Germany, it seems that a fair has an employee working that is attempting to do some very dangerous stuff. At Walt Disney World, Cast Members are always ensuring that when they are loading Guests on top of a ride, such as Big Thunder Mountain or Space Mountain, Guests are secured in their seats, and all safety protocols are looked after.

Never would you see a Cast Member fool around and jump onto the ride as it moved. At the moment, it seems a video is going viral of what appears to be a worker jumping onto a ride, spinning at top speeds with ease. He seems to jump onto a ledge of the ride, take a spin around, and jump off without injury.

Below, you can see the video as Memezar reposted it:

How did he learn how to do that

Not only did the man jump onto the ride as it was moving at top speeds, but he did so backward! Of course, this is hazardous behavior and should never be attempted by others as it could have injured the man who jumped onto the attraction, as well as the riders who were riding it.

Marvinx._.x seems to be the man behind the madness of these stunts, as his Instagram is littered with videos like the one above, with dangerous attempts to ride the attraction as it’s moving.


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Below, we can see him riding the ride for what seems to be quite some time!


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This is not the first or even recent display of danger we have seen from workers in the entertainment industry. At a water park in Cairo, Egypt, Aqua Park Cairo, one worker has become famous for jumping on Guest’s water tubes and tossing them into water slides.

Mostafa Salah (@salah_aquaa) appears to be a worker at Aqua Park and posts about his time at the Park on TikTok daily. Most of his videos showcase how he helps Guests slide down the water slides in their tube, but it is not like anything we have ever seen before. Mostafa pops onto the tube while the Guests is sitting and after grabbing a pole above him, he bounces on it, and starts twisting them by swinging his core from side to side. He then grabs onto the slide and swings forward, lunging the Guest into the water.

Click here to take a look at one of his videos.

He has posted countless videos doing this to Guests, and has gone viral because of it. He also posts videos of him sliding down water slides on his feet when he should be sitting or lying down. Those videos are accompanied by a safety warning on TikTok. You can watch that video below or click here. Please be aware that this is an incredibly dangerous behavior that no one should ever attempt.

It seems that although it is hard to believe that a water park would allow an employee to do this to Guests, considering how easily an injury could occur, the Guests do love the experience, along with everyone on social media.

What do you think of these videos? Is this too dangerous? 

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