World’s Tallest and Fastest Coaster Shuts Down After Cable Snaps Mid-Ride

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World's Tallest and Fastest Coaster Shuts Down After Cable Snaps Mid-Ride

Imagine being on the world’s tallest and fastest roller coaster, Kingda Ka, when one of the main cables snaps, risking your life and everyone else on board. Would you ever ride coasters again?

Launch Cable Snaps Mid-Ride, Massive Coaster Shuts Down - Kinga Ka
Credit: YouTube

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Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey Suffers Major Incident- Kingda Ka

A major roller coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey suffered an incident a few days ago where the launch cable snapped while riders were still on the attraction.

Thankfully no injuries were reported as everyone got off safely. The ride in question is Kingda Ka, the world’s tallest coaster. As the fastest coaster in the nation, Kingda Ka puts you 456 feet in the air, going 0 to 128 miles per hour in 3.5 seconds as you go directly up 90 degrees.

Coaster Hub, a theme Park news source, mentioned the incident in a brief Instagram post saying the following:

The launch cable for Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure has snapped. Although there were people on board, no riders were injured and the train safely rolled back. It is unclear how long the ride will be down for, but we hope to see it back up and safely operating as soon as possible!

– Coaster Hub on Instagram

You can click on the link provided above (or here) to see the actual Instagram post from Coaster Hub. As mentioned, no one was seriously injured or injured at all, thankfully. However, Guests were riding the attraction—no official word yet from Six Flags Great Adventure on a timeline of the ride operating again soon.

Launch Cable Snaps Mid-Ride, Massive Coaster Shuts Down
Credit: Cedar Point

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Not the First Massive Top Thrill Coaster to Shut Down Recently

This isn’t the first massive top thrill coaster to have shut down recently due to a similar incident. Cedar Point, the roller coaster capital of the world in Sandusky, Ohio, shut down its massive top thrill ride, Top Thrill Dragster after a woman was struck with a piece of falling debris from the coaster in 2021. The ride has remained closed down since the accident, although a significant refurbishment and retheming are supposedly on the way

Launch Cable Snaps Mid-Ride, Massive Coaster Shuts Down - Kingda Ka
Credit: Six Flags

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Same Park, Different Coaster: El Toro and the Frightening Accident From 2022

The same Park mentioned in this article, Six Flags Great Adventure, also suffered another problem back in 2022, this time causing injury to 14 different Guests when a malfunction on El Toro led to back, neck, mouth, and tongue injuries. Thankfully, No one was killed, but the ride did close for a lengthy time. The coaster is due to open anytime soon, as testing has begun again on El Toro.

World’s Fastest and Tallest Coaster?

Many of you will likely head to the comment section and complain about this ride not being the world’s fastest and tallest roller coaster. You will probably point to somewhere in Golden Kingdom, Werner Stengel, North America, or maybe even mention Ferrari World.

Ferrari World is home to Formula Rossa, the world’s supposed fastest and tallest coaster. Although the coaster does take you 0 to 140 km/h in 4.9 seconds, it’s not the tallest coaster in the world. You get some serious airtime on a fantastic track that puts you up against the world record for the fastest coaster regarding speed, not height. A simple Google search will give you…drum roll, please…Kingda Ka. A little research goes a long way, and doing your thinking will surely get you far.

What do you think about Kingda Ka suffering this incident; do you think the ride will return any time soon? 

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