Theme Park Adds VR Version of Roller Coaster for Disabled Guests

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Guests scream on a roller coaster

Credit: PortAventura

A popular theme park in Spain just revealed its newest roller coaster – complete with a virtual reality version for Guests unable to ride.

Located in Catalonia, PortAventura Park is the most visited Park in Spain. Spanning six lands – Mediterrània, Far West, México, China, Polynesia, and SésamoAventura – it’s packed with thrilling shows and attractions inspired by the most vibrant aspects of other cultures.

Guests scream on a water ride
Credit: PortAventura

For those after an adrenaline rush, PortAventura features multiple roller coasters, including Dragon Khan (which once held the record for the most loops in the world), Shambhala (which was once the fastest and tallest coaster in Europe), and Furius Baco. Now, another coaster has joined the Park’s legendary ranks: Uncharted.

If it sounds familiar, that’s because the ride is based on the film of the same name starring Tom Holland. Itself inspired by a video game, this sees young bartender Nate Drake (Holland) recruited to locate the fabled treasure of the Magellan expedition. While Uncharted (2022) may not have resonated with critics, it earned a respectable $401 million at the box office on a $120 million budget, which was enough to lead to PortAventura Park commissioning a ride inspired by the iconic video game.

Guests ride Uncharted
Credit: PortAventura

Uncharted: The Enigma of Penitence made its debut at the Park this week. The ride is an indoor roller coaster made boasting the first lateral drop in Europe – and came with a surprise bonus. A two-minute long, virtual reality version of the attraction has been built for Guests who want to ride but are currently unable to do so due to disability or prostheses.

A picture of the VR experience was shared by Twitter user @CoasterClub. A sign next to the simulator advises that it’s “for visitors in wheelchairs or prostheses to replace at least one lower limb, both upper limbs.”

The experience is currently located within the Uncharted Depot store and involves wearing a virtual reality headset while remaining in a wheelchair.

Theme park inclusivity has been a hot topic lately, thanks in no small part to restrictive ride seats on new rides at both Disney World and Universal Studios Hollywood. This is a great example of how theme parks can push the boundaries to welcome more Guests – giving more people the same opportunity to experience incredible attractions.

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