Police Swarm Disney Resort After Employees Clash in Parks

in Disneyland Paris

(R-L) Shocked Disney Character Ariel looking at Disneyland Paris

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Update: The police presence above the Parks were due to a drill and not caused by the ongoing Cast member strike.


Following weeks of backlash and controversy, Guests could see police starting to circle the Resort in helicopters.

Cast Member Strike Leads to Park-Wide Disruptions in Paris
Credit: @DLPReport on Twitter

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In the last few weeks, the Disneyland Paris Resort has been the source of intense controversy in the Disney Park community. Starting back in May of 2023, Disneyland Paris Cast Members began striking for better pay and working conditions.

These demonstrations took place inside the actual Parks, right in front of the Resort’s infamous Sleeping Beauty Castle.

There have been multiple demonstrations since, with each one growing in size and support. The Disneyland Paris Resort has been forced to offer refunds on tickets for Guests due to the interference with the Resort’s operations.

Cast Members cheer on Main Street, U.S.A. in Disneyland Paris
Credit: Disney

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We’ve reported extensively on these strikes, with each one drawing more support from both Cast Members and the general public.

Things came to a head recently, with Cast Members blocking the entrance to Sleeping Beauty Castle, waving flags and signs as they denied enrty. Following this most recent demonstration, Guests could see police circling the scene in helicopters late at night.

A video was taken of at least three police helicopters circling the Disneyland Paris Resort.

You can check out the entire video down below:

While police were reportedly not on the scene due to the ongoing strike, it is interesting considering the timing of this drill.

These strikes have resulted in the closure and cancellation of multiple rides, attractions, and events across the entire Resort, with Cast Members showing no signs of quitting anytime soon.

President Rafalski claimed that the Resort might not be profitable enough to support higher wages at all, a claim that will certainly draw criticism.

President Rafalski mentioned how the Resort has become profitable recently, inferring that giving too much money away to Cast Members may hurt the financial standing of the already-troubled European Resort.

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