Op-Ed: Bar Set Too High For ‘Avengers’ Sequel

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Age of Ultron

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With a new phase approaching the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the upcoming Secret Invasion series, the studio is already gathering its best and brightest to combat yet another Avengers-level threat. In the midst of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, and other projects, production has already begun on Captain America: Brave New World, and fans can expect the beginning of the next generation of Avengers. However, a new team might not live up to their expectations.

Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson/Captain America
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It’s not that the fanbase has lost its love for earth’s mightiest heroes, but that Marvel’s best team has already closed the book on their adventures. We’re not talking about the Marvel mainstays of Thor, Iron Man, Captain America and so on, but the absolute unit that is the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Guardians of the Galaxy are Marvel’s Dream Team

The Guardians walk into battle
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“The Avengers are a team, the Guardians are a family” is a phrase that perfectly describes the current dynamics in the MCU, and that’s why Marvel is going to have such a rough time with any movie that follows Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Marvel Studios can bring in Sam Wilson to fill Captain America’s boots, Bucky Barnes and his bionic arm, and they can even bring in some new blood with Riri Williams stepping up to fill the void Tony Stark left as Ironheart, but nothing they do will match the energy and chemistry shared by Marvel’s favorite gang of outlaws.

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Much of this is linked to the gold standard set by James Gunn with what many fans consider the perfect trilogy in the entire franchise. The Guardians didn’t need an Ultron-sized threat to bring them together, but how they function as a group is far better than even the original Avengers lineup could ever hope to be.

rocket raccoon guardians of the galaxy
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Emotional storytelling is how the Guardians managed to break Disney and Marvel of their fatigue era, and why many are quick to compare Guardians 3 to Avengers: EndgameBy having the group function more like a found family or a gaggle of friends rather than a team with a united mission, the audience has more of an investment.

The Guardians might frequently fight amongst themselves, they might be childish and selfish at times, but they’re always able to pull it together to save the Galaxy time and time again. Star-Lord and Rocket might fight over who sits in the captain’s chair, but they’ve never caused a superhero civil war over it.

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Captain America: Brave New World might be a return to a traditional superhero narrative, but no team will be able to live up to the emotional rollercoaster fans have already seen. This doesn’t mean the MCU is doomed, but they will have to definitely do some more building if they want to see the astronomical heights of other entries in the series. Still, there’s always room to grow, no matter who wears the cape.

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