‘Natural Born Killers’ and ‘Platoon’ Director Thinks ‘John Wick’ Is Too Violent

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No one can say that the John Wick movies are not violent. They happen to be some of the most violent films that have been made in recent memory; however, when a director has built a career out of showcasing violence in films and calls something “disgusting,” its a bit of a “kettle calling the pot black” type of situation.

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The whole point of the John Wick franchise is to showcase a world of underground assassins, which would be silly without showcasing some of the brutal violence that happens in a near-superhero type of world where rival assassins are completing contracts. Ever since the first film was released, we all saw Keanu Reeves handing out kills to avenge his wife and dog—we all knew what this franchise would be about.

However, we are now four films in and presumably about to get a fifth. It stands to reason that anyone remotely paying attention would know that the movies will get bigger and better with each chapter. That has certainly been the case; for those sequels to have succeeded, John Wick would have to get more brutal.

The point is that directors who make R-rated movies calling other films “too much” sound ridiculous, especially if that director is Oliver Stone, who is responsible for movies like Natural Born Killers and Platoon.

Oliver Stone Calls ‘John Wick 4’ “Disgusting”

Oliver Stone was interviewed by Variety when he let it be known that he was not a fan of the most recent John Wick offering. According to Stone:

“I saw ‘John Wick 4’ on the plane. Talk about volume. I think the film is disgusting beyond belief. Disgusting. I don’t know what people are thinking. Maybe I was watching ‘G.I. Joe’ when I was a kid. But [Keanu Reeves] kills, what, three, four hundred people in the f****** movie. And as a combat veteran, I gotta tell you, not one of them is believable. I realize it’s a movie, but it’s become a video game more than a movie.”

Honestly, he is not wrong that John Wick could be compared to a video game, as his death count is something that you would see in that medium. However, Wick is also a bit of a superhero and lives in a world with an underground association full of assassins. It is a highly fictional idea, so why would showcasing many kills be that terrible?

The Wick franchise is not for everyone, and we will admit that. However, since the first movie was released, we all knew what to expect should the franchise continue.

No one will see these movies thinking they will be Academy Award-level art, though the last film’s drama is quite impressive. The point is to be overtly violent, as the given world is meant to be so.

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Oliver Stone directed Platoon, which covers the horrors of war. Though it was meant to be social commentary about war, it’s still violent on purpose. John Wick is too. If he started with the fourth movie, that is also a strange place to begin.

Do you agree with Oliver Stone that John Wick is too violent? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!

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