Let It Go, Disney Finally Puts ‘Frozen’ on Ice

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Anna Frozen in Ice

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To say Disney’s Frozen is a household name is a grand and glorious understatement. Somedays, it feels like we can’t even go a whole week without seeing some manifestation of Elsa or Olaf or hearing some variation of “Let It Go.” Joking aside, the film has done wonders for Walt Disney Animation Studios and has understandably become a pop culture phenomenon.

Elsa performing "Let It Go" in 'Frozen'
Credit: Disney

With the original film raking in $1.28 billion at the worldwide box office, it’s understandable that Disney would want to keep the hype train running as long as possible. That said, many viewers would agree that Frozen has overstayed its welcome after a sequel, several spinoff short films, heaps of merchandise, a Broadway musical, and an EPCOT attraction.

Disney Freezes Frozen 3

Olaf Reenactments
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The Frozen franchise has been the biggest Disney hit since the original Lion King, and it’s absolutely saturated our modern culture. That’s not to say the film isn’t a good movie; it more than earned the Oscar it took home in 2014, and even the sequel was undeniably infectious. However, too many other Disney projects have lived in its shadow for the past decade.

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In light of dismal box office flops with some of the studios’ most recent films, it was previously announced that Frozen, Zootopia, and Toy Story would all be getting new sequels, much to the delight of thousands of fans. However, recent reports show that the film might not even hit theaters until 2025, if at all.

Elsa (Idina Menzel) in 'Frozen'
Credit: Disney

While Disney putting the project on hold is alarming for some, it might be the best thing the company can do for its animated features. Frozen was a terrific movie, has legions of fans, and is still making the Walt Disney Company billions upon billions of dollars, but it’s time for the series to end and let someone else have a turn in the spotlight.

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Elsa and Anna have already done more than enough to establish their legacy. With audiences growing weary of sequels, remakes, and so on, retiring the royals from Arendelle could be the best thing for all involved. Given recent patterns with movie-goers and voices from critics, can Disney really afford to gamble on their notorious cash cow?

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